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What is the IRS Fresh Start Programme?

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Regardless of what caused the tax obligation, immediate action is required. Even while the IRS does not have a "forgive and forget" policy, there are various options available to help you reduce and finally eliminate your tax burden. Many of these possibilities are covered under the IRS fresh start programs.

What is the IRS Fresh Start program?

Individuals and small businesses with tax debt can take advantage of many IRS programmes under the umbrella title "Fresh Start," which was introduced in 2011. The IRS developed Fresh Start after 2008's Great Recession to help struggling taxpayers get back in good standing.

Various mechanisms, such as Offers in Compromise, Installment Agreements, Penalty Abatement, and Currently Not Collectible status, are available through the Fresh Start programme to help small business owners pay off their tax debts. For eligible taxpayers, these programmes can mean the difference between being able to pay off their tax burden entirely or paying it off gradually over time with no interest or penalties added.

Under the IRS fresh start programs, taxpayers profit because they can pay their debt while avoiding more severe consequences like tax liens, levies, or jail time. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is pleased by Fresh Start since it increases the likelihood that they will receive a tax payment.

How do I apply for the Fresh Start program?

The IRS demands that you be up-to-date on all tax returns before considering you for any IRS fresh start programs.

You can streamline the Fresh Start application process by catching up on your books and speaking with a tax attorney, enrolled agent, certified public accountant (CPA), or tax resolution agency about your legal alternatives for tax debt relief. The advisory services of many of these experts are gratis.

Having all of your company's financial documents for each tax year covered by the application on hand.

Visiting the IRS website to download the necessary forms and fill them out completely.

Collect additional supporting materials, such as judicial and medical documents for tax abatement applications.

What Are the IRS Fresh Start Program Qualifications?

Only individuals who meet the requirements can receive tax relief under the government's Fresh Start Programme. To qualify for the IRS fresh start programs, you must show that it would take a lot of work to pay down your tax debt. Which Fresh Start tax programme you qualify for depends on the extent of your financial difficulty.

The IRS sets standards for what constitutes a financial hardship, but the complete duty to prove the hardship belongs to you, the taxpayer, or to the tax relief organisation engaged to represent you.

How do I know which Fresh Start solution is right for me?

Working with a tax professional, such as a tax attorney, enrolled agent, CPA, or tax resolution agency, to identify which of the many IRS fresh start programs is best for your unique circumstances is strongly recommended. Only complete or correct information is a common reason the IRS declines tax relief petitions.


The Tax Hardship Centre puts the needs of each customer first and strives to provide as much information as possible. Many businesses promise a lot but fail to deliver. Having to deal with the Internal Revenue Service is difficult enough without having to wonder who is helping you and what will happen next.

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