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Alfa Chemistry Semiconductor: A Diverse Portfolio to Support Semiconductor Research

Tylor Keller
Alfa Chemistry Semiconductor: A Diverse Portfolio to Support Semiconductor Research

Semiconductors are changing the World now. Considering the growing needs for semiconductors worldwide, Alfa Chemistry’s management decides to launch a completely new website for the showcase of its broad portfolio of advanced high-purity semiconductor chemicals and materials. All these products are suitable for semiconductor research in optics, MEMS and solar energy industries.


“We offer a wide selection of semiconductor chemicals and materials for global manufacturers, and the semiconductor products they made are closely related to our daily life and will power our digital world,” commented the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry.


The products provided by Alfa Chemistry Semiconductor cover the following:

Semiconductor chemical products, which further include: high-quality silicon wafer (damp heat oxide, dry heat oxide, dry chlorinated thermal oxide), photolithography (photolithographic monomer, photoresist, nano-printing lithography and micro-contact printing stamps), high purity primary solvent, display material and image material.


Organic semiconductor products for high-performance devices (OPV, OLED and OTFT), which further include: organic photovoltaic materials, donor materials, acceptor materials, buffer layer materials, OLED and PLED materials, organic field effect transistor material, substrate and electrode material (ligand and metal complex precursors, hiophene monomers and building blocks).


Products used in various fields of microelectronics and nanoelectronics, which further include: CVD/ALD precursor (metal CVD and ALD precursors, CVD and ALD precursor packaging for deposition systems) and micro and nano electronics (photolithographic monomer, photoresist, nano-printing lithography and micro-contact printing stamps).


The services Offered by Alfa Chemistry Microfluidics:


Custom Film Coating

Customers can deliver the cleaned wafers to Alfa Chemistry, which will respond swiftly to coat substrates with specified diameters according to customer requirements. The company spares no effort to meet the unique film coating needs of each customer and the finished coated parts will be returned in a few weeks.


Wafer Processing

Alfa Chemistry also offers low-cost, rapid prototyping of small scale semiconductor wafer processing services for researchers, universities and companies. A wide selection of original and test-grade silicon wafers was made possible. Also, the services can be carried out according to the materials provided by the customer.


Wafer Characterization Analysis

Alfa Chemistry laboratory uses a variety of different characterization methods to analyze characteristics such as thickness, surface roughness and defects for wafers. Such analysis are necessary for the development of semiconductor, LED and PV devices.


IC Integration and Packaging

Electronic packaging and IC packaging are the final stage of semiconductor device manufacturing. Alfa Chemistry provides complete turnkey solutions and related services for IC integrated packaging.


For more information about Alfa Chemistry’s offering of semiconductor related chemicals, materials and services, please visit https://semiconductor.alfachemic.com/.


About Alfa Chemistry

With advanced technology and abundant experience, Alfa Chemistry is a reliable partner for leading companies in the semiconductor industry, offering an extensive product portfolio of high-performance materials. Moreover, it provides tailor-made solutions such as wafer manufacturing, MEMS support, semiconductor support, and semiconductor analysis & quality control. Alfa Chemistry is a perfect choice to measure impurities in chemicals used in semiconductor manufacturing or test contaminants in silicon wafers or final components.


Tylor Keller
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