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Kedarkantha Trek: New Year Vacation amid the Charming Himalayas

Alok Roy


Kedarkantha Trek: A Majestic New Year's Adventure in the Himalayas


Embark on a transcendent New Year vacation amidst the majestic Himalayas with the Kedarkantha Trek, a journey that promises not only adventure but also serenity and breathtaking vistas. Nestled in the Garhwal region, this trek unfolds a winter wonderland, adorned with snow-capped peaks and pristine landscapes. As the year draws to a close, the Kedarkantha Trek beckons, offering a perfect blend of thrilling trekking trails and the tranquillity of the Himalayan wilderness. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the snow-covered terrain, pine-scented forests, and crisp mountain air, making this trek an ideal way to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one in the lap of nature's grandeur. 


This article will take you through the details necessary for this trek.

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What Does Kedarkantha Offer Us?


Get ready for a five-day adventure to Kedarkantha that promises not just a trekking experience but a soul-soothing communion with the pristine beauty of the Himalayas. 


  • The expedition begins with a scenic 210 km drive to Sankri, nestled in the lap of nature. The journey offers panoramic views and traverses through the lush Govind National Park, setting the stage for the remarkable Kedarkantha Trek. 


  • Upon reaching Sankri, soak in the warm welcome as the setting sun casts a golden hue upon the Greater Himalayas. Capture memories of this picturesque town, explore the local market, and relish a delicious dinner before settling in for an ideal overnight stay. 


  • Day 2 unveils a 6-km trek from Sankri to Juda Ka Talab, a serene lake nestled at an altitude of 9,100 feet. The trail winds through Sor village, revealing stunning landscapes and encounters with Himalayan wildlife. 


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  • Camp under the starry skies at Juda Ka Talab, immersed in the tranquil beauty of the surroundings. 


  • The journey continues on Day 3 as you trek 4 km to Kedarkantha Base, situated at 11,250 feet. Traverse dense pine and oak trails, witness shepherd cottages, and revel in the mesmerizing views of snow-covered mountains. 


  • Nightfall brings an enchanting stargazing experience as you prepare for the next day's ascent. 


  • Day 4 marks the pinnacle of the trek – the ascent to Kedarkantha Peak at 12,500 feet. The challenging yet rewarding trek offers breathtaking views and a visit to a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. 


  • Descend to the base camp and enjoy a hearty meal before retiring for the night. 


  • On Day 5, return to Sankri from Juda Ka Talab, reflecting on the incredible journey. Day 6 concludes the adventure as you depart from Sankri to Dehradun, cherishing the memories of conquering Kedarkantha and bidding farewell to the enchanting Himalayan landscapes. 


How Much Does The Kedarkantha Trek Cost?


There are four Kedarkantha trekking packages to cater for your diverse needs. Book now and make lasting memories in the lap of the Himalayas.


  • 4N/5D Trek from Sankri to Sankri - Explore the beauty of the Himalayas with a 4-night, 5-day trek from Sankri to Sankri at just ₹5,999 per person. Enjoy accommodations in Sankri, inclusive meals, camping gear, trekking equipment, and the expertise of our seasoned trekking crew. 


  • 5N/6D Trek from Sankri to Sankri - Extend your mountain adventure with a 5-night, 6-day trek at ₹6,999 per person. Experience an extra day of Himalayan serenity with shared accommodations, delicious meals, and all-inclusive camping and trekking gear. 


  • 4N/5D Trek from Dehradun to Dehradun - Opt for a hassle-free Dehradun to Dehradun trek for ₹7,499 per person. This package includes shared transport, comfortable accommodations in Sankri, meals, camping gear, trekking equipment, and expert guidance. 


  • 5N/6D Trek from Dehradun to Dehradun - Embark on an extended Dehradun to Dehradun adventure at ₹8,499 per person. With shared transport, cosy accommodations, inclusive meals, and a day extra in the mountains, this package ensures a comprehensive and memorable trekking experience. 


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How To Prepare For Trek Kedarkantha? 


  • Perform muscle exercises and walk/jog on similar terrains with your backpack to condition your body. Minimize the risk of injuries during the trek. 


  • Be aware that the Kedarkantha Trek may be cancelled in case of natural calamities or emergencies. Stay informed about the trek's status, and communication about the next program will be provided accordingly.

  • Keep yourself hydrated due to the high altitude. Conserve water resources during the trek. 


  • Only midnight hikes if they are part of a scheduled program and under the supervision of the guide. Unexpected troubles can arise from unsupervised night activities. 


  • Use eco-friendly practices and avoid plastic luggage to preserve the ecosystems along the trekking routes. Littering may result in fines.


  • Children below the age of 7 years are not suitable to trek Kedarkantha.


  • Present a valid photo ID during check-in for the trek. 

  • Dress in appropriate woollens to withstand temperatures ranging from -5°C to 3°C at night and 8°C to 15°C during the day. Wear hiking shoes from reputable brands for better comfort to cover Kedarkantha trekking distance of 20 km.

  • Refrain from consuming alcohol during the Kedarkantha Trek for your safety and the well-being of the environment.

Make your New Year's celebration extraordinary by choosing to trek Kedarkantha – a journey that blends adventure, tranquillity, and the sheer joy of conquering the Himalayan heights, marking the beginning of a year filled with unparalleled experiences.

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