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How To Choose The Right Men's Watch For Upcoming Occasions - Sylvi

How To Choose The Right Men's Watch For Upcoming Occasions - Sylvi

Don’t be the man who checks his smartphone for the time. 

Rather be the man who loves to flaunt his timepieces glorifying around his wrist. Luxury watches for men don’t just tell the time. They narrate a story, a brilliant chronicle of how and why they are meant to be on your wrist. 

So do you really need an occasion to wear a watch? 

It can be the most cherished gift from your loved one or just an impulsive buy right before an adventurous trip or a celebration of a realized ambition or a milestone that you achieved in your career. The truth is that a designer watch for men irrespective of its price has all the power to become the most tangible symbol of a memory of a lifetime. 

With Christmas and New Year knocking on the door, let me help you find the right men’s watch that will be the showstopper this party season. Gone are those days when a dress watch was set in stone, three hands from the centre of the dial, mute colours, gold or steel watch case, and leather straps. Even there were cocktail watches that were smothered in diamonds. 

But these days, the tables have turned and the rules are meant to be broken and exclusive watchmakers like Sylvi are not shy to be different from the masses. 

Why do you need a Watch for Christmas and New Year Party?

Well, to be honest, you should not ask this question to any watch fanatics out there. The point is you don’t need any particular reason to get a new watch for yourself. However, when it's Christmas and New Year knocking ahead, it is always a great idea to get a new watch. In the 21st century, a party watch for men is nothing but a wonderfully unnecessary accessory that makes it way more special. 

Men usually aren’t fascinated much by jewellery while getting prepped for a party but they definitely look for a stunning watch that is meant to give sense of the occasion and set their mood. Is there anything more of a refined look when you are taking a sip from your cocktail than the glimpse of a stunning timepiece? I do not think so. Sophisticated men usually don’t get much of a chance to put on the ritz that often during year-end glittery parties, and that’s where a perfect party watch enters the scene. 

What to Look for when Selecting the Right Men’s Watch for Special Occasion?

As the famous saying, “Every watch marks something and somewhere for someone,” said by Damian Otwinowski, vice president of Watches of Switzerland USA, there is definitely an emotional value attached to it whether you make that choice for yourself or for someone else. 

Getting a watch for yourself or your loved one for this party season should always be fun. But for many people choosing a men’s watch online that would match their personality and style can be quite daunting sometimes. There are different aspects that need to be emphasized when looking for that perfect timepiece. 


When selecting a luxury men’s watch, the display of the watch is quite important. There are mainly two display options available with watches – analog and digital. Sylvi has an excellent collection of analog, digital, and analog-digital watches. 

Analog Men’s Watches: Classics never get old-fashioned and analog men’s watches are always in demand no matter what functionalities are launched these days. It usually has a clean dial with three hands (hour, minute, second) or two hands (hour and minute). At most these watches come with a date display. 

Sylvi has an incredible collection of men’s analog watches that are very sturdy and stylish, making it a perfect accessory to flaunt your wrist during this festive season. You should definitely look for the Imperial collection which is a set of 5 analog watches with dials having the curves of the mountains and a date display. My favourite in this collection is the Sylvi Imperial Blue

Digital Men’s WatchesMen’s digital watches have an electronic display of time with the help of an LCD screen. Digital watches only work with quartz mechanism and the time is shown in hours, minutes, and seconds. Some of the watches have only hours and minutes. 

Sylvi has an incredible collection of unisex digital watches and if you prefer a cool, sporty look this festive season, you should definitely not miss their Evoke collection of watches. These are designed in such a way that they look good both on men and women and even younger boys and girls. These watches are lightweight, with only digital display, along with a date display, an LED light, a stopwatch, an alarm, a 12/24 hour display, and 5 ATM water resistance. 

My favourite in this collection is the Sylvi Evoke Pink which is a bestseller in this collection. 

Analog-Digital Watches: Analog-digital watches for men are the combination of both analog and digital displays with other multifunction features. Sylvi has a huge collection of analog and digital watches with different collections such as Iconic, Hawk, Horizon, etc. It has a date display, an alarm, a stopwatch, a luminous display, a 12/24 hour display, and 3 ATM water resistance. My favourite is the Sylvi Iconic Black

Smartwatches are also the latest entry in the world of horology and people are going crazy with it. These are available with expensive and affordable brands. 


The movement of the watch is another aspect of selecting watches for men online. They are mainly automatic and quartz with quartz watches are available in majority. 

Automatic watches are usually powered by mechanical components and there is a rotor which is attached to the mechanism. They come in two varieties – hand-wound and automatic. These watches are always highly expensive and only the high-end luxury watch brands manufacture them. 

Quartz watches are powered by lithium-ion batteries that don’t need to be wound and the battery lasts for 2-3 years. Quartz watches are affordable and are made for the masses and hence are hugely popular. 

Sylvi watches work with the Japanese Quartz Mechanism and lasts quite a long time. The batteries can be easily replaceable and are affordably priced so that everyone can afford them this festive season and around the year. 

Strap of the Watch

Pocket watches are the things of the past and have become heritage pieces but wristwatches have evolved unbelievably with time. The straps of the wristwatches are no longer restricted to leather and are now available in different kinds. Even there are some high-end brands that have ceramic and titanium straps. 

Sylvi has a huge collection of leather straps, stainless steel straps, silicone straps, PU straps, and nylon straps in attractive colours. People these days prefer light and comfortable watches and Sylvi watch straps are very comfortable to wear. 

Watch Colour

The whole world is your colour palette when it comes to wristwatches these days. Watches for men are not only restricted to black and brown. Brand makers are not afraid to experiment with colours and there are different colour options available even with men’s watches. Sylvi watches are available in black, brown, coffee, blue, silver, grey, green, rose gold, gold, and even white. This party season do not be afraid to experiment with colours and earn those extra brownie points. 


 Which brand is best for men’s watches this festive season?

Christmas and New Year are knocking at the door and you need to have everything best. So the best brand for men’s watches in India will be undoubtedly Sylvi with its huge array of timepieces with different categories and price ranges. 

 What are the must-have watches this party season?

This party season purchase a watch that will always stand ahead from others. However, keep in mind that it is always practical to purchase a watch that can be worn all year round not for only a particular occasion. One should have a classic analog watch, a multifunction watch, a sports watch, and a smartwatch in their collection. 

 Can a woman wear a man’s watch and look stylish?

Absolutely yes, men’s watches can be easily worn by women. Big dial watches for women are so in and gender fluidity has been the essence of the fashion industry for more than a decade now. All they need to check the fit and size as men’s wrists are slightly broader than women's. 

So be party ready and keep the glam light on you this Festive season with Sylvi watches!!!

Source Link: https://sylvi.in/blogs/blog/mens-watch-for-upcoming-occasions

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