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Airline Reservation System

Aliza Morgan
Airline Reservation System

The airline reservation system is a component of a larger system known as passenger service systems (PSS), and the entire PSS is responsible for delivering bookings and other airline-related features to end-users. But now the airline reservation system has changed to computerized reservation systems (CRS).

FlightsLogic is the leading travel technology company that provides automated airline booking software. With the latest technology, airline ticket booking software delivers end-to-end solutions for airlines and travel booking agencies.

FlightsLogic develops an airline reservation system that enables travelers to search for flights to global destinations, book, and make online payments. This airline reservation system includes flight schedules, passenger reservations, and ticket records.

It all takes place on one platform, permitting online flight bookings. Originally designed to streamline airline operations, the Airline Reservation System has expanded its reach to travel companies. The airline ticket booking system includes airfare, flight schedules, passenger booking information, and other information. Utilizing its advanced distribution capability, airlines feed information to the GDS.

How Airline Reservation Systems Work

The Airline Reservation System developed by FlightsLogic helps you manage and simplify airline ticketing. This is a fully customizable solution for our online ticket reservation system.

FlightsLogic is a pioneering airline reservation system development company with tie-ups with global airlines, GDS, providers, and distributors. We also have advanced software for reserving hotels, car rentals, tours, transfers, and vacations. We combine all of them on a single platform to ease the travel booking procedure for travel agents.

Our software for reserving tickets for the airline is responsive and supports all new browsers, tablets, and mobile phones. FlightsLogic has a modern, customer-friendly interface and a robust background architecture for online airline reservation systems.

FlightsLogic’s airline ticket reservation system links with major Global Distribution Systems  (GDS). The flight booking API includes all central GDS like Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport. The software permits travel agencies to make airline bookings efficiently through software. Our XML/API integration is the key to accessing data from GDS, making the booking procedure seamless and efficient.

How Airline Reservation System Is Beneficial for Travel Business?

Airline Reservation System is a complete airline quotation booking system that assists airlines to distribute flight tickets online across multiple channels and optimize reservations for upcoming flights.

The airline reservation system helps travel companies integrate all flight-related data into an online portal to provide customers with a wide variety of flight options with competitive flight fares.

Airline reservation system, also known as Flight Reservation System, is a complete airline reservation software that integrates GDS/Flight XML services into a travel agent travel portal so they can simply access all flight information and functionality digitally, resulting in decreased operational cost, development, and maintenance time.

Also, this flight reservation system permits booking flights with other travel services like hotels, tours, activities, dynamic packages, transfers, and more to increase the customer experience, online bookings, and revenues.

The Airline Reservation System delivers online reservations and inventory management solutions and incorporates flight schedules, flight fares, fare tariffs, seat availability, passenger bookings, and records of flight ticket bookings on the travel website.

How To Develop an Online Airline Reservation System?

Our team works hard to develop flight reservation software for B2B and B2C travel companies that permits the sale of airline tickets. It shows the consumer’s real-time fare information.

This airline reservation system is integrated with GDSs such as Amadeus API, Sabre, and Travelport. Not only this, but it also comes with LCCs and third-party airline APIs. That also depends on the customer’s requirements.

FlightsLogic’s flight booking system enables customers to explore, book, and pay for flights to destinations worldwide. Our airline booking software displays flight schedules, customer details, and available tickets.

The airline booking system benefits end users and provides travel companies with opportunities. It comes with a quotation system that considers real-time airline and seat availability. Ultimately, it helps them achieve their profitability goals. It provided convenience for end customers and OTAs in the form of notable features such as

·        Multi-language support

·        Multi-currency support,

·        Payment gateway integrations and much more

·        Our team intends to offer our clients a customized booking solution.

·        Here are some services that are key to our booking software

·        Flight search tool (One-way/Round trip)

·        Airline bookings

·        Seat upgradation

·        Cancellations and refunds

·        Airline Fare Quotation System

·        Other services include hotel reservations and transfer booking.

What does an airline reservation system do?

An ARS allows airline schedules, fare tariffs, passenger reservations, and ticket records to be collated in one place, accessible by the airline, and also pushed out to the global distribution system so third-party companies and individuals using the internet or apps can book flights too.

While airlines previously developed their own reservation systems, this is now typically the domain of private companies, which airlines opt to use. Modern reservation systems allow passengers to make bookings directly on an airline’s website or through a third-party booking system.

Through these systems, passengers and agents can see flight times and schedules, as well as fares and tariffs. Being able to see and access pricing information is important, as we now have what is known as ‘dynamic pricing’, which means prices go up and down based on a variety of factors.

When a booking is made, the number of available seats is reduced. The airline reservation system is updated to reflect that, so flight availability is shown in real time to passengers, agents, and the airline themselves.

Advantages of Online Airline Reservation System

·        User-friendly ticket booking

·        Makes the most use of time

·        Offer all the details regarding flight

·        Real-time customer support via call or SMS

·        Supports on all devices

·        Provides automated ticket booking confirmation through the mail

·        User-friendly refund policies

·        Best fit for both Domestic and International Airlines

Airline Reservation System Features

·        B2C/ B2B travel booking portal

·        Search filter for domestic and international flights

·        Allow 24/7 flight ticket booking

·        Display flight schedules

·        Offer multiple search filters

·        Allow sorting by fares, duration etc.

·        Find filter for one-way/ return trip/ multi-city

·        Third-party API integration

·        Airline invoice booking system

·        Accounting Management & Invoice control

·        Distribution channel management for online travel agencies (OTA)

·        Multi-Currency & Multi-Lingual support

·        Multiple integrated payment gateways

·        Instant booking confirmation

·        Reminder or alert setting for travel date

·        Customized airline ticket booking solution

·        Comprehensive revenue report generation

·        User friendly Interface.

·        Mobile friendly design

·        Flawless online booking system

·        Multi-city search filter

·        GDS API integration for Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport etc.

·        Booking management tool

·        Inventory management tool

Why Choose Us for Airline Reservation System Development?

FlightsLogic flight reservation software delivers flexible travel packaging and around-the-clock inventory updates. Our user-friendly airline booking software empowers B2B and B2C travel businesses. With advanced features such as inventory and quote management, a B2C/B2B travel portal, and multiple provider integration, including central GDS connectivity.

We provide an airline reservation system with top-notch features and an eye-catching, user-friendly design. We also provide a flight booking engine for travel agents to streamline the booking process, access real-time flight data, and provide your customers with a seamless travel experience.

Custom Solutions

A powerful and simple-to-utilize management system for handling your system.


A wide assortment of highlights is accessible to retail and corporate purchasers, as well as travel planners.

Experienced Developers

We have a group of specialists who have quite a bit of experience aggregating insight and helping with the development of an online travel service.


Our applications are suitable and mobile. We foster applications across different stages, like Android, iOS, and more, as per your regular business requirements.


For more details, please visit our website: https://www.flightslogic.com/airline-reservation-system.php

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