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How to Make Proper Decision On Your 2mm Gold Wedding Band Selection

Donnell Dean
How to Make Proper Decision On Your 2mm Gold Wedding Band Selection

If you are planning to buy an engagement ring or a wedding band, then it could be a bit tricky. Ordering a band from an online store without trying its thickness and width and even without having knowledge of its dimensions can probably make you dislike it. If this is the first time you're buying a band, we suggest you have proper knowledge about the dimensions and different aspects of the rings.

How Wide and Thick Should Your Wedding Band Be?

So how wide and thick your wedding band should actually be? Well, you need to answer this question by yourself and to do so there are some factors to be considered to make a proper decision.

1.     Thin bands are more comfortable than wide bands.

2.     Comfort fit bands are usually 1.5mm or 2mm thick, and these bands are highly durable as well.

3.     If you want to pair your wedding bands, choosing the same width and thickness would make them look classy.

4.     Wearing bands of different widths and thickness creates an attractive look.


When it comes to strength, durability, and longevity, thickness plays an important role. Every 0.5 mm of thickness added to the band increases its durability significantly. A minimum of 2mm thickness, like in the 2mm gold wedding band, is an ideal choice for a durable and comfortable fit.

A band of 1.5mm is also considered to be durable, but anything else thinner than 1.5mm will surely bend and change the shape of the band with time. This type of band feels uncomfortable, and you might need to remake the band.

Moreover, thinner bands can be preferred by you if your fingers are sensitive to having a band between them. Narrower bands offer a comfortable fit, and with a round cut on the edges, it doesn't scratch your fingers. If you are already wearing a ring, try to wear a new band of approximately the same thickness, or else one ring will overshadow the other.


Just like a thick band, wider bands are less comfortable as compared to narrow bands. Apart from it, putting on wider bands is difficult if you have large knuckles; you might need to size up to get a proper fit.

At the same time, a thin band will offer a better fit without any resizing. If you are too large, fitting your band might be difficult. This is because the band will pass your knuckles and will fill loose at the base of your fingers. With large knuckles, it would be better to have a band that tightly fits your fingers.

Different people prefer different widths, but a 2mm wedding band thickness would be appropriate for any width to get a comfortable fit. However, if you are wearing multiple bands, you should wear bands of different widths. It creates a unique look on your fingers. When you wear bands of different widths, it gives a contrasting look, and none of the bands are dominated by the other.

Before you make your actual purchase, you can try wearing a few bands at a time and check how it looks on you; this will give you a practical guide to make the final decision.

Donnell Dean
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