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Is the C|EH v12 Course by EC Council worth it? Let’s explore and get the scoop!

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Deciding on the right cybersecurity certification can be a crucial choice in advancing your career in the continually changing field of digital security. Our focus today is on the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) v12 Course by the EC-Council.

Now, The critical question: Is it a worthwhile investment for your career?

Join us as we explore the key aspects, benefits, and factors to consider in deciding if this course aligns with your professional goals in the world of ethical hacking and cybersecurity.

What is C|EH?

The C|EH, or Certified Ethical Hacker, certification enables professionals to legally engage in hacking activities for defensive purposes. These experts are authorized to assess an organization’s systems for vulnerabilities, pinpoint security weaknesses, and implement safeguards against potential threats from malicious hackers. This certification plays a vital role in bolstering the digital security of businesses.

The EC-Council offers two variants of the C|EH certification: the C|EH (Practical) and the C|EH (ANSI). Here’s a breakdown of their key differences:

C|EH (ANSI): This certification involves a 4-hour exam consisting of 125 multiple-choice questions, accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

C|EH (Practical): In contrast, this certification requires candidates to undergo a 6-hour exam that evaluates their practical skills. During this exam, individuals must demonstrate proficiency in various ethical hacking techniques, such as threat vector identification, network scanning, OS detection, vulnerability analysis, system hacking, web app hacking, among others. The practical exam is specifically designed to assess candidates’ abilities to tackle real-world security audit challenges effectively.

Is the C|EH v12 Course worth it?

Absolutely! The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification course is totally worth it. Let me explain why with the reasons below.

More than half of professionals get promotions after completion of the C|EH Certification Course.

Upon completion of the C|EH Certification Course, an impressive number of professionals — over half — have successfully secured promotions, underscoring the tangible career benefits of mastering ethical hacking skills. This certification acts as a catalyst for professional growth, demonstrating its significant impact on advancing individuals within the cybersecurity domain.

92% stated that their confidence increased after completing the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) program

Upon completing the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) program, an impressive 92% of participants reported experiencing a notable increase in their self-confidence. This statistic underscores the program’s effectiveness in imparting essential ethical hacking skills and instilling a sense of assurance among its participants.

The C|EH not only equips individuals with technical expertise but also plays a significant role in fostering a sense of confidence. This assurance is vital for navigating the intricate landscape of ethical hacking and cybersecurity with both proficiency and confidence.

97% confirmed that skills gained in C|EH v12 effectively safeguarded their organizations

An impressive 97% of participants confirmed that the skills acquired through the C|EH program played a crucial role in safeguarding their respective organizations. This resounding endorsement highlights the practical impact of the program, showcasing its effectiveness in enhancing cybersecurity measures.

The acquired skills empower individuals to fortify organizational defenses against potential threats. This statistic reinforces the practical value of the C|EH certification, positioning it as a valuable asset in strengthening the security posture of organizations and ensuring a robust defense against evolving cyber threats.

95% Chose C|EH v12 for Career Growth

A significant 95% of individuals chose to pursue the C|EH certification to advance their careers. This overwhelming majority underscores the program’s strong association with professional development, demonstrating its appeal as a strategic choice for individuals aiming for career growth in cybersecurity.

97% confirmed that C|EH v12 Labs authentically replicate real-world cyber threats

An impressive 97% of participants found that C|EH Labs effectively simulate real-world cyber threats. This high percentage indicates that the hands-on experiences provided by C|EH closely mirror the challenges encountered in actual cybersecurity scenarios.

The labs offer a practical and realistic environment, enabling individuals to develop and apply their skills in a manner that directly translates to the complexities of the cybersecurity landscape. This aspect enhances the value of C|EH as a training program, ensuring that participants gain practical insights and experience that directly align with the challenges they may face in real-world scenarios.

88% Considered C|EH is the industry’s most comprehensive ethical hacking program

An impressive 88% of respondents recognized C|EH as the industry’s most comprehensive ethical hacking program. This strong majority underscores the program’s standing as a leading choice among professionals seeking a thorough and effective approach to ethical hacking education.

This endorsement signifies C|EH’s reputation for providing comprehensive knowledge and skills, establishing it as a preferred avenue for individuals aspiring to excel in the dynamic field of ethical hacking. Such acknowledgment further solidifies C|EH’s position as a valuable and trusted resource for those looking to enhance their expertise in cybersecurity through a robust and comprehensive educational program.

A Significant 80% Started their Cybersecurity Careers with C|EH

An impactful 80% of individuals began their cybersecurity careers with the C|EH certification, emphasizing its pivotal role in launching professionals into the dynamic realm of cybersecurity. This statistic underscores the program’s significance as a starting point for individuals seeking a solid foundation and essential skills in this rapidly evolving field.

C|EH not only equips aspirants with practical knowledge but also positions itself as a preferred choice for those aspiring to forge successful careers in cybersecurity. The high percentage reflects the program’s effectiveness in guiding individuals toward a promising start in cybersecurity, making it a noteworthy credential for career entry.

92% of hiring managers show a preference for candidates holding the C|EH certificate

Ninety-two percent of hiring managers express a preference for candidates with the C|EH certificate. This notable inclination underscores the value employers attach to the skills and knowledge acquired through this certification. It implies that possessing the C|EH credential can provide candidates with a competitive advantage in the job market, indicating a substantial demand for professionals proficient in ethical hacking.

Aspiring candidates stand to benefit significantly from this insight, recognizing that obtaining the C|EH certificate not only enhances their cybersecurity skills but also makes them more attractive to employers actively seeking qualified individuals to tackle the escalating challenges of cybersecurity.

Why Getting the C|EH Certificate from EC-Council is a Good Idea

Industry Recognition: The C|EH certificate from the EC-Council holds significant recognition within the cybersecurity industry, rendering it a highly valuable credential to include on your resume.

Ethical Hacking Expertise: The certification equips you with skills in ethical hacking, offering a profound understanding of penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and other critical aspects of cybersecurity.

Global Standard: EC-Council is a globally recognized certification body, ensuring that the C|EH certificate is respected and acknowledged internationally.

Career Advancement: Holding a C|EH certificate can unlock doors to exciting career opportunities in ethical hacking and cybersecurity, potentially leading to higher-paying roles.

Hands-On Learning: The certification involves practical, hands-on learning experiences, enabling you to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Continuous Updates: The C|EH curriculum undergoes regular updates to align with the latest developments and emerging threats in the cybersecurity landscape, ensuring that your skills stay current and applicable.

Networking Opportunities: Being part of the EC-Council community provides networking opportunities with professionals and experts in the field, fostering valuable connections for career growth.

Cybersecurity Confidence: Obtaining the C|EH certification cultivates the expertise and knowledge needed to confidently tackle and mitigate cybersecurity threats with precision.

Employer Trust: Many employers actively seek professionals with C|EH certifications, regarding it as a hallmark of competence and dedication to excellence in the cybersecurity domain.

Personal and Professional Growth: Pursuing and obtaining the C|EH certificate isn’t solely about attaining a qualification; it’s a journey of continuous learning that fosters both personal and professional growth within the dynamic field of cybersecurity.


The C|EH v12 Course by EC-Council is a highly worthwhile investment for individuals aspiring to build a career in cybersecurity. EC-Council’s established reputation in cybersecurity education and training enhances the credibility of the C|EH certification. The course’s emphasis on practical application, exemplified by the C|EH (Practical) certification, distinguishes it as a comprehensive and industry-leading ethical hacking program.

Ready to elevate your cybersecurity career and make a significant impact? Enroll in the C|EH v12 Course by EC-Council today at Appin Technoogy Lab! Gain practical skills, boost your confidence, and join the ranks of professionals who have successfully advanced their careers with this industry-leading ethical hacking program.

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