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Middle East Coast: Hub of Coconut Products

Leena Shedmake
Middle East Coast: Hub of Coconut Products

The coastal regions of Middle Eastern countries have emerged as major centers for coconut production and processing in recent years. Countries like United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar and others have invested heavily in coconut farms and industries catering to both domestic demand and international export. Let us explore some of the key coconut products from the Middle East region.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil accounts for one of the largest coconut product industries in the Middle East region. Countries like UAE, Oman and Qatar have set up large scale coconut oil extraction and refining plants to meet the growing demand. Coconut oil extracted in the region is known for its high quality standards and purity levels. It is used extensively in cooking, cosmetics and personal care industries both within the region and for exports to Western and Asian markets. The coconut oil production in UAE alone has surpassed 50,000 metric tons annually in recent years.

Coconut Water and Coconut Milk

With rising health consciousness, coconut water from the Middle East has found new popularity globally as a refreshing and healthy beverage. Countries like UAE, Qatar and Oman now have modern processing facilities that can aseptically package and export large volumes coconut water meeting international food safety certifications. Similarly, canned or tetra pack coconut milk from the region is also gaining popularity for culinary uses in Southeast Asian cuisines and western dessert recipes. Major brands like Noor Foods in Qatar and Emirates Food Industries in UAE are now household names exporting coconut water and milk globally.

Dried Coconut and Coconut Flour

Dried coconut pieces or copra and coconut flour milled out of it form important coconut products from the Middle East region. Countries like Oman and UAE have built sizeable capacities to produce highly absorbent coconut flour catering to both food industry needs as well as health food segment demands. The processed dried coconut and flour get exported to Europe, USA and parts of Asia for uses in snack foods, bakery items, nutrition bars etc. New product categories continuously emerging using coconut flour as key ingredient include gluten-free pastas, breads etc.

Coconut Shell Products

Once considered a waste, coconut shells are now increasingly put to commercial uses by Middle East Coconut Products processors. In countries like Qatar and Oman, large quantities of dried coconut shells are converted to activated carbon used in water purification, air and gas filtration applications. Finely crushed or powdered coconut shells also find applications as an eco-friendly absorbent and binder in agriculture and horticulture. Emerging areas include use of coconut shell charcoal in cosmetics, potpourri and decorative applications as well.

Virgin Coconut Oil

With premiumisation trend on the rise, virgin coconut oil extracted through natural processes without any chemical refining has emerged as a high value product from the Middle East's coconut industry. Countries like UAE and Oman are investing in technologies to mechanically or enzymatically extract VCO without using heat processes. The unrefined virgin coconut oil is gaining popularity amongst health conscious consumers for its retained nutrients, flavor and aroma. Major VCO brands from the region are Al Arkan Natural Products and Noor Virgin Coconut Oil.

Coconut Fiber Products

Coconut coir fiber extracted from the husk has been traditionally used in the Middle East region for doormats, floor coverings and garden mulch. However, modern technologies have enabled value-added uses of the fiber for production of carpets, upholstery filling and soundproofing mats. Countries like Qatar, Oman and UAE now produce these value-added fiber products both for domestic construction and exports markets. Some key regional coconut coir product brands include Al Maha Trading and Nature's Companion.

Future Outlook

With strategic initiatives like ‘Make in Qatar’ and ‘Make it in UAE’ aimed at boosting local agro-food manufacturing, the Middle Eastern coconut industry is poised for substantive growth in coming years. New investments are flowing in areas like cultured dairy and culinary products using coconut bases, virgin coconut oil extraction facilities, high-tonnage coconut water bottling lines. The regional processors are also investing in innovations to extract more value-added components like polyphenols, medium chain triglycerides from coconut. Stronger promotions in key global consumer markets are envisaged to establish Middle Eastern coconut brands as leaders in quality, innovation and sustainability.

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Leena Shedmake
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