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The Art of Hanging Tapestry Bell Pulls: Tips and Tricks for Display

Home Decor Tapestries
The Art of Hanging Tapestry Bell Pulls: Tips and Tricks for Display


If you are looking for a method to decorate bare walls, but do not want to do a typical gallery wall, let us suggest some tapestry hanging techniques for you- in terms of weavings, vintage fabrics, or textile art. These artful pieces add pattern, texture, and color to a given space, whether hung over the sofa, or behind the bed for serving as a headboard alternative. If one intends to hang it on the wall, the vintage charm and elegance can be carried onto the adjacent space using tapestries.

Art of hanging tapestry-

●     Right Location- A prominent location needs to be chosen where the tapestry bell pulls can be seen and appreciated easily. Areas like hallways, entryways, and adjacent to fireplace mantles can be considered.

●     Preparing the Wall- The wall where you plan to hang the bell has to be smooth and clean. A stud finder can be used to locate studs for additional support.

●     Measure/Mark- The width and height of the bell pull should be understood for determining its placement on the wall. A pencil can be used to mark the wanted position after ensuring its level and center point.

●     Select the hanging hardware- As per the tapestry’s weight, appropriate hanging hardware like hooks, picture hangers, or nails are to be used. In the case of heavier bell pulls wall anchors can be used for additional stability.

●     Protection of the Tapestry- To prevent damage to the tapestry, protective pads on the back must be used where the bell pull comes in contact with the wall.

●     Finishing Touches- Once the bell pull has been hung, admire your handwork and simply sit back! Final adjustments can be enabled to ensure it's straight and positioned perfectly.

●     Maintenance- Check the hanging hardware periodically to ensure it remains secure. The bell pull is to be dusted gently with a vacuum attachment or a soft brush to make it look its best.

Ways to Hang Tapestry Bell Pulls

The beauty of the tapestry bell pull would add sophistication and character to the space like never before.

●     Stretch the fabric over a frame- The fabric could be turned into a visually pleasing wall of art if it is stretched over a wood frame or a plywood board. The tapestry can be stretched and folded over the frame and then attached with a gun. Sawtooth picture hangers could be used to mount it on the wall. If the textile is thin, you might want to stretch and staple the canvas to the frame, mainly for the wood to not be visible through the fabric.

●     Secure it with Velcro- What would you possibly do if there are holes in the wall that you intend to cover? Get the security deposit back by hanging a tapestry. Use a self-adhesive tape for attaching the tapestry to the wall. It is a good idea for a curved wall when you do not want to put holes in the fabric.

●     Hang from a rod- The tapestries could be hung with pockets in the back. If it is a rectangular piece or is specifically large, it could be draped over the rod to create a faux headboard or in the form of an eye-soothing display near the living space, around the sofa, or so on.

●     Form a Canopy- There is no requirement to limit oneself to the wall. One could try hanging the textile from the ceiling or draping it in a way that it gets a natural fall. This will give the illusion of a dreamy bed or an intimate seating area.



Hanging tapestry bell pulls can be a delightful way to infuse character and charm into your room. These need to be displayed securely and elegantly through careful selection of the location, proper preparation of the wall, and choosing the right hardware for hanging. Periodic checks and maintenance will make the tapestries adorn the walls for years to come beautifully. Transform your home and unleash creativity as you turn the space into a haven of art with these useful techniques.

Home Decor Tapestries
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