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Is FUT+FUE+BHT Hair Transplant The Best Option For High Grade Baldness?

Jacob Kaul
Is FUT+FUE+BHT Hair Transplant The Best Option For High Grade Baldness?

Hair loss is a growing global issue that is affecting individuals worldwide at an increasing rate. The surge in hair loss cases can be attributed to elevated stress levels and lifestyle changes. India has always been a popular destination for international tourists due to its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, making it an ideal choice for extended vacations. However, besides being a renowned holiday spot, India has also become a sought-after hub for hair transplant tourism. In recent years, hair transplant in India has gained popularity, attracting a significant number of foreign nationals who travel to the country for treatment.

Hair transplantation is an expensive procedure in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and UAE, making it difficult for locals to consider. The affordability of hair transplant cost in India is one of the main reasons why individuals from all over the world opt to undergo the procedure there, although it is not the sole factor. There are various other factors that attract people globally, with the foremost being the exceptional treatment standards offered by select hair transplant clinics in India.

Medispa hair transplant clinic is widely recognized as a top choice for successful hair transplants. With a reputation for delivering outstanding results in terms of maximum hair growth and natural-looking hairlines, we have established ourselves as a premier clinic on a global scale. Dr. Suneet Soni, a distinguished figure in the realm of hair transplants, has set a benchmark for excellence through his exceptional surgical expertise and artistic flair. By specializing in addressing severe baldness through a distinctive blend of FUT and FUE techniques, Dr. Soni's innovative approach consistently yields impressively dense hair growth, a method seldom seen among other Indian practitioners.

How was combination technique came into practice?

The creation of the combination technique was a response to the increasing demand for hair transplant procedures with higher densities. Over time, advancements in hair transplant techniques have led to the development of the combination approach, which allows for the harvesting of more hair grafts in a single session. This innovation has significantly expanded the possibilities within the hair transplant industry, offering patients the opportunity to achieve greater density results.

How is combination technique preferred?

In order to understand how the combination technique is carried out, it is important to first have a solid grasp of the fundamental primary hair transplant procedures. The FUT hair transplant involves removing a small strip of skin from the donor area and then dissecting it under high magnification to collect each individual hair graft. On the other hand, the FUE procedure involves extracting each hair follicle through the skin using a punch surgical tool of varying diameter, with the goal of minimizing scarring by individually removing each hair follicle from a larger area.

Now, let us explore the combination procedure, which involves performing both the FUT and FUE hair transplants in a single session. These procedures are performed sequentially to harvest the necessary number of hair grafts. The majority of the required grafts are obtained using the FUT technique, while the remaining required number of hair follicles are extracted using the FUE technique. The combination approach is utilized to maximize the number of hair grafts obtained within a single session.

Combination technique of FUT, FUE, and BHT:

Body hair transplantation, or BHT, is a surgical procedure that involves removing hair grafts from areas of the body other than the scalp. The FUT technique is primarily used to extract the majority of hair grafts, while the remaining ones are extracted using the FUE technique with BHT. The extraction site for hair grafts, located under the chin, is utilized for BHT. By using a 0.75mm punch, the hair grafts are extracted, resulting in excellent quality grafts and minimal scarring that is virtually undetectable. If you are experiencing higher grade baldness and desire the best possible hair transplant, we recommend visiting Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi or Jaipur for a high density hair transplant.

Approach to treat high grade baldness with hair transplant?

1. The combination therapy is considered the most effective method for treating severe baldness due to its ability to harvest a higher number of grafts compared to other techniques. This makes it a preferred choice for cases of high grade baldness.

2. One of the key benefits of the combination method is its ability to preserve follicular grafts while removing a larger number of grafts overall. This results in long-term advantages that are not fully achievable with other hair transplantation methods. Additionally, the preserved grafts allow for multiple future sittings without overharvesting the donor area.

3. By utilizing the combination therapy, the likelihood of scarring post-healing is significantly reduced, leading to improved cosmetic results. The FUT procedure involves a trichophytic closure technique that minimizes visible scarring, while the FUE method uses remote graft harvesting to further reduce scarring. Moreover, planting follicular grafts around any existing scars helps conceal linear scars from previous procedures.

4. In the combination approach, a small strip is removed with approximately 2 cm left below it for subsequent sittings. This leftover strip can be used for future sessions in cases of severe baldness and ongoing hair loss.

5. The combination therapy, which incorporates FUT, offers the advantage of a low damage rate to follicular grafts when performed by experienced professionals. The meticulous process of cutting the strip under high magnification ensures the protection of follicular grafts. This contrasts with the FUE technique, which involves extracting grafts by punching, potentially causing more harm to the hair follicles.

Jacob Kaul
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