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Top 8 Office 365 Managed Service Providers for Best Business Collaborations

gautham arul
Top 8 Office 365 Managed Service Providers for Best Business Collaborations

Many businesses, particularly those lacking robust in-house IT teams, find Microsoft 365 implementation and operation challenging, often turning to Office 365 managed services providers for assistance. The implementation process is also known for its time-consuming nature.

Businesses managing fewer than 1,000 mailboxes may dedicate up to two weeks to migration, while larger enterprises might spend a month or more. It’s worth noticing that the market for Microsoft partners is extensive, encompassing over 300,000 channel companies providing Microsoft services.

This article provides a comprehensive view of how Microsoft Office 365 managed service providers can assist you in retaining your business value and scaling your enterprise.

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Top 8 Office 365 Managed Service Providers

1. HexaCorp

Visit website: https://hexacorp.com/office-365-managed-services/

Area of expertise: Cloud services, Microsoft 365 services, Microsoft Azure, App development & Modernization

HexaCorp’s Office 365 managed services supports businesses by enabling them to maintain sustainable operations through Office 365 migration, implementation, customization, and integration. Their expertise in Microsoft 365 ensures that businesses are safeguarded with reinforced secure access management and advanced features.

They navigate the complexities of software management effortlessly, and orchestrate software assets, delivering peak performance and compliance. They embark on a journey through volume licensing and Microsoft Enterprise Agreements, guided by a team of experts. HexaCorp navigates complex licensing terrain to provide you with the perfect software at the most competitive prices.

2. Connection

Visit Website: https://www.connection.com/

Area of expertise: Cloud services, Managed services

Connection is your go-to destination for Microsoft Cloud and Managed Services. As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, they offer a wealth of expertise, including over 14 proven capabilities and Azure Expert Managed Service Provider status. They are also a Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider, delivering a range of comprehensive, customization solutions.

From custom workshops to data migration services, they focus on maximizing Microsoft 365 and Teams capabilities, along with enhancing security. Their cloud management plans cover security, adoption, compliance, and user/device management, making cloud management easier for you. As your Managed Services Provider, they offer user and group management, adoption and change management, customer lead engagement, dashboard reporting, and more.

3. SysGroup

Visit Website: https://www.sysgroup.com/

Area of expertise: Managed IT services, Cloud hosting, and IT Consulting

SysGroup is an award-winning provider of managed IT services, cloud hosting, and IT consulting. Their solutions integrate leading technologies with specialized skills and capabilities, focusing on customers’ strategic and operational IT needs. They offer secure and cost-effective services from various sourcing platforms, including datacenters, private clouds, and public clouds. SysGroup has strategic partnerships with Dell (Gold), WatchGuard (Platinum), Veeam (Gold), Kaspersky (Gold), Microsoft (Gold Datacenter), HPE, VMWare, Mimecast, and Zerto.

They hold ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 quality management accreditations, as well as Visa Level 1 Merchant Service Provider designation, supporting their PCI hosting capabilities. SysGroup is located in Liverpool, London, Newport, Bristol, and Telford, offering services such as virtualization, email security, domain hosting, data storage, and DaaS.

4. Capgemini

Visit Website: https://www.capgemini.com/

Area of expertise: Managed services, Microsoft 365, Dynamics

Capgemini provides migration and consulting services for Microsoft 365, encompassing Office and Dynamics. The migration team offers a flexible hybrid model, facilitating continued access to critical applications during migration to minimize downtime.

Following migration, Capgemini assists users in optimizing their Microsoft 365 subscription, ensuring the utilization of features most beneficial to their business. Furthermore, users receive valuable integration and cybersecurity services.

5. Avanade

Visit Website: https://www.avanade.com/

Area of expertise: Cloud services, Managed services, IT Consulting, Microsoft 365

Certainly! Avanade is a leading provider of Microsoft 365 managed service provider, offering comprehensive support to businesses looking to maximize their subscription benefits. Their team of experts helps organizations leverage modern data and analytics tools available in the Microsoft suite, enabling them to derive actionable insights and make informed, data-driven decisions.

One of Avanade’s key strengths lies in its proficiency in change management. By implementing effective change management strategies, Avanade ensures that employees quickly adapt to modern technologies and workflows, accelerating the overall adoption process. This not only results in shorter migration times but also allows IT teams to focus on critical in-house projects, enhancing overall operational efficiency and productivity.

6. Cognizant

Visit Website: https://www.cognizant.com/in/en

Area of expertise: Cloud services, Managed services, IT Consulting, Microsoft 365

Cognizant is an Office 365 managed service provider offering a suite of services encompassing migration, modernization, and managed services. Their seasoned professionals excel at devising detailed migration strategies aimed at extracting the maximum benefit from the platform while minimizing operational downtime.

The Cognizant Big Decisions solution harnesses the power of Microsoft’s data ecosystem, integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. This amalgamation empowers businesses to elevate their decision-making processes, offering them actionable insights derived from comprehensive data analysis.

7. Insight

Area of expertise: Cloud services, IT consulting services, Managed services, Microsoft 365 services

Insight offers comprehensive Microsoft 365 managed services, providing round-the-clock support and expert assistance with migration. Their experienced team can take on the responsibility of managing the subscription for organizations, ensuring smooth operation and optimal utilization of Microsoft 365 services.

Organizations can choose from a range of plans tailored to their specific needs, whether they require a few applications or a full suite, and depending on the size of their workforce. Insight goes beyond basic management by analyzing the types and quantities of licenses held by the business. This analysis helps ensure that the organization is using its resources efficiently, maximizing the value of its Microsoft 365 investment.

8. Timico

Area of expertise: Managed services, Cloud services, Microsoft Office

Timico, a leading Converged Office 365 Managed Service Provider, offers end-to-end solutions with Service Operations located in Newark, Winnersh, Telford, and London. They deliver Connectivity, UC&C, Cloud & Hosting, Security, and IT Managed Services. Timico collaborates closely with customers, supporting existing infrastructure, designing innovative solutions, and managing implementations to create long-term value.

They specialize in transforming customer environments into modernized infrastructures that support growth. Timico serves various verticals such as Hospitality and Leisure, Retail, Petrol Forecourts, Not-for-Profit, Manufacturing & Construction, Commercial and Professional Services. Their services include VoIP, Hyper-convergence, Email Security, Domain Hosting, and Data Storage, among others.


Microsoft 365 managed service providers play a crucial role in helping organizations maximize the benefits of the Microsoft 365 suite. They offer a range of services, including implementation, migration, customization, and ongoing support. By leveraging their expertise, businesses can optimize their use of Microsoft 365, improve collaboration and productivity, enhance security and compliance, and achieve their business goals more effectively.

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