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UAE Optical Network Market, Opportunities and Forecast, 2016-2030F

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UAE Optical Network Market, Opportunities and Forecast, 2016-2030F

The UAE optical network market has witnessed significant growth and is projected to expand substantially. The market is anticipated to increase from its current value of USD 294 million in 2022 to reach USD 634.8 million by 2030, exhibiting a CAGR of 10.1% between the forecast period, 2023-2030.

Optical networks in UAE offer high-speed, reliability, and secure data transmission. They enhance business connectivity, support advanced technologies like 5G, boost internet speeds, improve communication, and enable efficient data storage and cloud services, fostering economic growth and innovation. Factors driving the growth include substantial investments in telecommunications infrastructure, emergence of passive optical network (PON), focus on high-speed broadband networks and data centers, and advent of highly advanced technologies.

The emergence of Passive Optical Network (PON) technology is driving significant growth in the UAE optical network market. PON enhances data transmission efficiency, lowers operational costs, and enables high-speed internet access. This technology catalyzes increased optical network adoption, improves connectivity, and supports the country's digital transformation initiatives.

For example, in December 2022, Nokia partnered with Etisalat Corporation UAE to display the Middle East and Africa region's fastest passive optical network (PON) speed. Based on Nokia Bell Lab's PON proof of concept (PoC), the demonstration achieved remarkable speeds of up to 100 gigabits per second (Gb/s) using a single wavelength surpassing today's most advanced networks by four times.

Introduction of High-Speed Fixed-Wireless Broadband

UAE optical network market has seen significant advancements with the introduction of high-speed fixed-wireless broadband services. This innovative technology offers reliable and fast internet connectivity, eliminating the need for traditional wired connections. It caters to urban and remote areas, meeting the growing demand for seamless online experiences, boosting digital inclusion, and supporting various applications from remote work to entertainment and IoT devices.

For example, in June 2023, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, also known as Du Home Internet, unveiled its plans to provide household broadband services using fixed-wireless access, collaborating with Nokia. The initiative involved utilizing Nokia's Multi-Access Gateway (MAG) to furnish high-speed fixed-wireless broadband across UAE's 4G/5G networks. By incorporating Nokia's FastMile 5G gateways, MAG technology, and Nokia's expert services, Du aims to deliver gigabit-speed broadband with minimal latency for enhanced connectivity.

Emergence of Fiber Optics Leads to Growth

Fiber optics integration has significantly impacted UAE optical network market. This technological advancement entails using thin glass or plastic threads for data transmission, offering higher bandwidth, faster speeds, and improved connectivity. UAE's adoption of fiber optics underscores its commitment to stay at the forefront of advanced telecommunications infrastructure.

For example, in 2022, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) successfully extended more than 350 kilometers of Fiber Optic (FO) conduits across various zones in Dubai. This expansion contributes to the cumulative length of these conduit networks, which reached 3,634 kilometers from in December 2022. This initiative reflected DEWA's ongoing commitment to bolster its intelligent infrastructure and expedite its digital evolution. These external FO conduits serve as protective channels, guiding all Fiber Optic (FO) cables for communication, data transmission, and remote operations.

Arrival of Cloud Services in UAE Optical Network Market

The UAE optical network market is undergoing a notable transformation through the infusion of cloud services. The dynamic shift is redefining the market's dynamics by harnessing the capabilities of cloud technology to elevate data storage, processing capabilities, and overall accessibility. The introduction of cloud services is acting as a catalyst, bringing enhanced efficiency and adaptability in network infrastructures. Moreover, this evolution is well-aligned with the ever-evolving requirements of businesses and the technological landscape in the UAE, ushering in the new era of agility and responsive networking solutions.

As per Khaleej Times, in September 2023, a study by Amazon Web Services revealed that UAE can unlock USD 181 billion in economic value (2.5% of GDP) by 2033 through accelerated cloud service adoption. Among MENA countries, the UAE experiences the most substantial economic growth from cloud adoption, with a 1% increase leading to 0.21% GDP growth, equivalent to USD 854.7 million.

Government Regulations

Government regulations play a crucial role in the UAE optical network market. These regulations incorporate licensing, quality standards, and cybersecurity protocols to ensure reliable, secure, and fair optical network services. They balance innovation and public interests, promoting competition, investments, and advanced infrastructure growth. Simultaneously, regulations implemented on artificial intelligence are influencing the market by fostering trust and encouraging cloud adoption as organizations strive to comply with these standards, thereby driving the sector growth.

For example, UAE's Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) set up the UAE ICT Fund to boost research and development projects in the country's ICT sector and provide education opportunities in ICT for Emirati students abroad. The UAE's SmartPass system has also established a digital framework for government operations, which will integrate the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2031 into various government services and ministries.

Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has exerted its influence on the UAE optical network market, causing distinct shifts in the pre-COVID and post-COVID periods. Before the pandemic, the market was already experiencing growth due to technological advancements and digitalization efforts. However, the pandemic accelerated the reliance on digital connectivity, prompting a surge in demand for robust optical networks to support remote work, online education, and virtual services.

In the post-COVID era, the optical network market has continued expansion as businesses, institutions, and individuals prioritize high-speed and reliable internet connections. The need for seamless virtual communication and data transfer has driven investments in optical fibre infrastructure and related technologies. Consequently, the market has evolved to offer more diverse and resilient solutions to accommodate the new normal of remote operations and increased data consumption.

UAE Optical Network Market: Report Scope

"UAE Optical Network Market Assessment, Opportunities and Forecast, 2016-2030F”, is a comprehensive report by Markets and Data, providing in-depth analysis and qualitative & quantitative assessment of the current state of UAE optical network market, industry dynamics, and challenges. The report includes market size, segmental shares, growth trends, COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine war impact, opportunities, and forecast between 2023 and 2030. Additionally, the report profiles the leading players in the industry mentioning their respective market share, business model, competitive intelligence, etc.


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