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HDTV and How to Add Bluetooth Headphones

Sarah Parker

Having wireless headphones with your HDTV is a perfect way to enjoy your favorite movies or music without the fear you are bothering someone in your home. In the following paragraphs we are going to discuss how to add wireless Bluetooth headphones to your HDTV.

Items you might need

Before you start it would be good to determine how exactly the sounds exit your HDTV so that you can purchase the right adapter.

Let’s get started

If you don’t have a media center attached to your HDTV it is necessary to check the available ports. In case you already have a media center which uses a receiver it would be necessary to check the receiver for the available ports. If you do this correctly you will be able to use your wireless speakers to listen to music as well, not just for watching TV.

In case there is no analog output on your TV it would be necessary to buy “digital - analog audio converter”. With its help you will be able to get an analog stereo signal instead of the digital one. Although this is not a great investment, it ranges somewhere around $10, always check the ports before you invest in one. In most cases you will see that you actually don’t need one.

How to Select Bluetooth Transmitter

The selection of the Bluetooth transmitter is closely connected to the number of headphones you will want to pair with it. Not every Bluetooth transmitter will be able to pair with more than one set of headphones. However, there are some that will make it possible to pair two sets of headphones, but more than two is impossible.

If you are one of the lucky ones and want to pair only one set of headphones you will have many options to choose from. In most cases you will be more than satisfied to get any Bluetooth transmitter under $30. In this price range you can expect to get transmitting and receiving capabilities and an internal battery as well. This means you can use it not only to transmit to your headphones but to receive Bluetooth audio as well. You will be more than satisfied with this feature, you can find them on HeadphonesEncyclopedia.

However, if you want to use two pairs of headphones at the same time, the number of options will drop significantly. In most cases the price will be somewhere between $50-80 if you want to get a decent one.

 How Can I Set This Up?

The process of setting up your Bluetooth audio receiver is not so complicated as you may expect.

You have already determined the available ports. So all you have to do now is to connect everything. The Bluetooth receiver can be plugged in directly into the headphone jack or a L/R composite audio output.

In case you use an optical audio port, adding a TOSLINK converter and connecting the Bluetooth adapter into the converter will solve the problem.

When you connect everything properly it is time to pair up the Bluetooth headphones with the transmitter. In most cases you only have to press and hold the main button on the unit. Wait a little until the light blinks. When you notice this light then you should press and hold the pairing button on the headphones. In a few seconds a link will be established between these two. Grab your headphones, turn on the TV and check if everything is working as expected.

In case you don’t hear audio from the TV, check whether you have paired the headphones correctly. To do this simply unplug the receiver from the TV and test it with another audio source. In case the audio works with another audio source, but not with your TV it would be good to access the HDTV or media center’s menu and check if there is something like auxiliary speakers or audio jack. However, in most cases you will not have such problems.

As you can see it doesn’t take much time, effort and finances to add Bluetooth headphones to your HDTV.

Sarah Parker
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