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6 Must-Have Gadgets in 2017

John Tailor
6 Must-Have Gadgets in 2017

If you ask me, it is a great time to be in a love affair with gadgets. There is a plenty of interesting hardware out there, from internet-connected juicers to the state-of-the-art “James Bond” glasses. The market is flooded with products and that is a double-edged sword because making a purchasing decision can be tough. So, here are some high-tech paragons that stand out from the rest and are definitely worth your money and attention.

Switchmade Smart Light Switch

Smart tech never seizes to blow us away. With the Switchmade smart light switch rests directly over your standard wall switch and allows you to manipulate the lights in your home. All you need apart from this gadget is a smartphone and a free app. There is no rewiring and physically “installing” the switch literally takes a few seconds. You can start turning the lights off and on with a tap of the finger right away.

eSight 3

Augmented reality is making big splashes in the market and it goes beyond sheer awesomeness. Namely, the eSight 3 headset is a stunning product tailored to people who are legally blind. The over-eye visor mounts a high-definition camera and video display to provide a live-feed directions and info. It can even perform actions such as reading without any input lag and solve a variety of practical problems. And since it is a lightweight and hands-free device, users should have any trouble getting the most of it.

LG’s Signature W-Series Wallpaper TV

Many claimed that TV tech has hit a plateau, but companies like LG beg to differ. The innovation comes in the form of Signature W-Series Wallpaper TV. It features an attention-arresting, 65-inch display that weighs mere 16 pounds and blends seamlessly into the living room. The screen looks as if it is floating on the wall. More importantly, this tech marvel packs some impressive OLED tech inside, which blends the blackest of blacks with the most vivid colors imaginable. The results are captivating, to say the least.

Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel

Many cities like Copenhagen aspire to become car-free and that will not mean that those with the need for speed will have to migrate. Superpedestrian Wheel augments the wheel and improves the average riding speed of 20 miles per hour to over 30 miles. It contains an integrated motor, which is powered by the battery, as well as a wireless sensor. This means that you can not only go faster, but also do some data crunching on the go. On top of that, smart-locking hardware thwarts any thieves and protects your precious bike.

Pioneer DEH-S2050UI Headunit

If you do not plan to ditch your conventional vehicle in the near future, there is something else for you. Pioneer DEH-S2050UI Headunit is a cutting-edge radio that can play CDs as well as music from your smartphone and USB. It also includes iPhone Direct Control, special Pioneer controls, and Android Open Accessory 2.0 and Spotify compatibility. Companies like Strathfield Car Radios offer such top-notch products online, so do not hesitate to get one for yourself.

Perfect Chair

Finally, the Perfect Chair is for those who treasure their leisure time. The first thing that grabs attention is a sleek look, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. This piece of SF-like furniture takes ergonomics to the whole new level with a “zero gravity” mode. It expels all the pressure from your back and lets the comfortable bliss take you whole. This is relaxation science at its very best and the only problem in your way could be the price (from $2,800).

Best of the best

As technology advances by leaps and bounds, we find ourselves in an ocean of possibilities, where both worthless junk and floating treasure can be found. Whether you want to stay connected behind the wheel or use a smartphone as a magic wand, you can make your wishes a reality or. The only problem besides shoestring budget is choice paralysis and lack of reliable info. Well, the aforementioned gadgets are no-brainers in case only the best is good enough for you

John Tailor
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