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Creative ideas for your first site

Mike Mike
Creative ideas for your first site

Can not  know of where to start practicing your HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills? Here are some interesting ideas that probably did not come to your mind.

The development of a real project will help to find difficulties that will not describe any textbook or interactive lesson. Practice will help you become more confident if you are going to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript in your career. But experience that can be really useful is difficult to obtain.


Nowadays, are really popular such kind of service like the site builders.

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It’s very convenient for those who do not want to spend their time studying the information needed to create a website.


But, in this article we present to you fun ideas that will help you test your skills and prepare for the difficulties that web developers face. All of them are strictly front-end: HTML, CSS, JS and jQuery. They are so beautiful in their absurdity that it will be advantageous to allocate your portfolio to the background of the rest. After all, if you add projects "like everyone else", it will be difficult to stand out among a large number of the same type of work of other developers.


  1. Meat shop of the Big Dave
    Idea: a shop where there is a garage where you can repair your motorcycle, and a place for a barbecue. I hope that they are physically separated for safety, but it all depends on your imagination.

  2. Political Hokku
    Everyone loves good political humor and often makes fun of politicians and judges. This site will be the place where you (and others, of course) will be able to publish mocking hokku about the latest policy blunder or its activities. It will be especially important in the pre-election season.

  3. A site for fans. As a basis, you can take a football club, a musical team or even the products of a well-known company.


  1. Dating - this topic is always of interest to the public. It is not easy to create such a project, but for it to bring good income it will be necessary to make some services paid.


  1. A site dedicated to reviews of technical innovations, cars, computer games or movies. On a similar site, you need to publish reviews of what the webmaster understands and what brings him pleasure.


  1. The creation of the forum is advantageous in that it is replenished by the users themselves. The downside is that the moderation of the forum with high attendance is always a lot of effort and time.


  1. The online newspaper, where you will publish daily news and events, attracts visitors. Newspapers do not buy now, but you need to follow the news, this is where the similar site will come to the rescue.


The questionnaire site will help attract more sponsors who will pay for advertising their products. The idea of such site will not surprise anyone, but people like to participate in surveys, so the audience will not be a problem.

  1. For those who like to shoot video, the perfect solution is to create your own video blog.


  1. Site with games. To implement such a project, you can add paid games to the site and fill the site with free Flash games, which office workers love so much.


  1. The site for the vocalists will help to reveal the beginning singers. Now every owner of a hearing and a pleasant voice tries to achieve popularity, having lit up on the Internet, and such a specialized project will come to the aid of all seekers of glory.


  1. The auction site is a great opportunity to attract the general public. People are always looking for an opportunity to sell something or buy something, and an online auction will help users realize their needs. In addition, these sites are not so many, so competition will not interfere with the development of the project.


  1. Survey of online stores of goods for women - in my opinion, an excellent idea for sites. The idea is that a person goes to the site and can find information about various online stores - good and bad, with photos, figures and delivery times.


  1. The site of photos of memorable places - the article describes two options and both of them are quite promising. Here you need a beautiful resource - with a lot of photos, videos and, possibly, with the forum.

  2. Online store - despite the fact that it seems that the trading platforms in the network are more than enough, the number of those who have not yet mastered the form of these purchases is very large. This means that the number of buyers will grow, which means that you need online stores - good and many.

Any idea can be perfect for a site. It is always worth looking for such opportunities that your site will become unforgettable - this will help to stand out when looking for work and clients, and it will remain in the users' memory when they think of returning to your site or not. You need to be different from everyone else, so make an effort to stand out.

Mike Mike
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