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Boons and banes of education

clara albert
Boons and banes of education

The boons and banes of assignment writing service education are the benefits and affiliation an individual will obtain from the education process.

People have different reasons for desire in education. The following are some of the boons and banes that one can achieve from investing in education.

Boons of education

The benefits arrived from the investment of the education include the following

  1. Career preparation

Most people undergo the education process in order to prepare for the future career life. This means the careers choices are decided by the young people at a tender age. This, therefore, is essential for the learners at the secondary level of education to get the skills, knowledge, and training which is essential in the choice of the desired profession in the future. The teachers should aid well the students on the subject choice which allows the students to select the subject in relation to the profession desirable in the future. At the higher learning institutions, the learner can be able to get the necessary information concerning the career being chosen. Therefore more research can be done in the universities to improve the professionalism of the chosen career by the student. Thus education becomes a key to the success of an individual in the future.

  1. Broader practical benefits

Through the investment in education, one is able to acquire a great range of the practical skills and training. This is through the study of the various successful courses in the higher education levels. The courses offered in the universities and colleges which involve practical skills include the health courses, agricultural courses, and statistical courses. These courses involve intense research on the topic which helps one to get the real facts about a given phenomenon. Therefore through the study of these courses, more people could get involved in the practical skills which are of great help in the contemporary world. Thus through the education process, most of the sectors have been upheld due to the skills learned from the courses offered. For instance, the agricultural sector has been improved over the years due to the skills learned in the methodologies of doing the modern farming which is cost effective.

  1. Personal development

Education is taken for many reasons such as acquiring knowledge and skills for enjoyment and even education for investment. Education has been used as a tool for the personal development for instance in improving one’s skills of communication. The higher learning has enhanced learners to do complex researches which require them to present the work in the effective and clear language. To the learner is able to develop the critical thinking skills which can be sent in the solving the daily problems facing them in the real world. In addition to that, passions of individuals can be identified in regard to certain disciplines that are learned in the colleges. Generally, not all the careers are associated with education but some people take the education in the development of personal concerns. The development of a person is involved in the all-around orientation which includes the moral development of intellectual development and also gains the experience in the practical life. Thus education helps many individuals to move from one stage of experience to the next and also allow one to get a better sound mind.



  1. Pursuing a passion

A passion for something is whatever a person likes to do without any struggle or push. Education helps one choose between the subjects which are essential in the later pursuing of the career. Thus through the education provided in schools, the learners are able to choose between the subjects in regard to the careers they will pursue in the future. This will boost their morale at class and the performance level will be boosted from time to time. In the real world, these learners with passion are able to perform well in their field of a career in order to facilitate both personal and societal development.

Banes of education

Sometimes some people can perceive education to be a great affiliation in their lives in the following ways.

  1. Delay in the cultural traditions

Cultural traditions sometimes tie up individuals from celebrating on them. For example, the marriage rites can be delayed due to the prolonged period education process undertakes. Most people attempt to undertake their studies to high levels first before deciding on the marriage rites.

  1. A huge venture of financial resources.

Education is a lifetime continuous process which needs great dedication of the financial resources. The resources such as the school fees uniform expenses traveling expenses and the food costs are the major expenses that are undertaken by the parents in investing their child in the education process. This therefore means, the financials could have been used in other work rather than investing in education which is unpredictable in the future in terms of career endowment.


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