Dengue ravages of record in Bangladesh

rayhan jamil

Bangladesh, the highest record reaches edition spread by mosquitoes dengue being infected. In 2018, the last being two and a half months left of this record is. Years before the end, seven millions of men, women and children in dengue infected by the new record.

Earlier record was in 2002, the maximum 6 thousand 232 people being infected . However, the dengue death toll in the still 2000, 93 people death records a sale. This season dengue in infected is now up to the death of 17 people.

New record of authenticity, admits Health Executive Committee Director (infectious disease control) Professor Dr. Sania then drop said, ‘in 2000, dengue disease to identify as well as the equipment was not medical in a disease, nor of the instinctual about the obvious ideas and knowledge was not. Moreover, in humans, the disease, identifying the matter as well as the awareness was not. But currently everyone in the awareness, growth, resulting, according to figures dengue in affected patients, the number of new records have been. However, compared to the previous death toll has lessened.’

In this regard, he further said, ‘June-July to September-October until the dengue season. As in this month, the dengue patient numbers gradually decline. Now, however, throughout the year, a dengue patient found going.’

Dengue disease treatment improvement know most, he said, ‘dengue disease, of medical issues the new guideline formulated dengue patient fluid management, cum, modern medicine, about the different government and private hospital ICU and medicine specialists to provide training has been. The capital's large public hospital in the free dengue recognition being tested.’

This month, the first 10 days the capital of various public and private hospitals in dengue infected by 928 women, men and children admitted have been. Capital in any way decreasing continuous edition spread by mosquitoes dengue incidence.

In the last 24 hours (October 10) dengue in the affected are in the hospital admitted patients number of 52 people. September to dengue in the affected are in the death of 17 people. However, current month is still far Death information was not found.

Health executive committee sources, the brewer, according to statistics, from 2000 to 2018, until dengue infected with the disease, the number of, respectively, 5551, John, 2430, John, 6232, John, 486 John, 3434, John, 1048, John, 2200, John, 466 John, 1153, John, 474 John, 409 John, 1359, John, 671 John, 1749, John, 375 John, 3162, John, 6060, John, 2769, John and 7183, John (10 October).

At this time, the death toll, respectively, - 93, John, 44 John, 58 John, 10 John, 13 John, 4 John, 11 John, 0, 0, 0, 0, 6, John, 1 John, 2 John, 0, 6 people, 14 people, 8 people and 17 people.

One ten consecutive dengue incidence increases. From 2000 to 2002 - this three years in the affected and the death toll was greatest. From 2003 to 2014, until dengue with the number of, and consequently the death toll was relatively low. Then in 2015, from dengue incidence continues to grow. In the past four years dengue in infected and the death toll has risen to said Health Executive Committee of the statistical analysis can be seen in the.

rayhan jamil
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