How to Set Up Internet Connection on Kindle Fire

mia watson
Nov 26, 2018 09:47

When you connect your Kindle Fire to a wireless internet connection, you can do a lot of stuff. From browsing the web to downloading your favorite books, from watching films to playing online games, there’s a lot on you can do on your Kindle after setting up an internet connection. Fire tab automatically detects the available Wi-Fi networks, but you can also add new ones. Let’s go through the process of setting up a wireless internet connection on Kindle Fire.

Steps to connect Kindle Fire to an Existing Wireless Network

  1. Bring the menu on your Kindle Fire device by swiping downwards from the top of the screen.
  2. Now, from the list of options, select Wireless.
  3. Confirm that the Kindle Device is not set to the Airplane Mode.
  4. Now, select the Wi-Fi button.
  5. After that, press the On button located next to Wi-Fi.
  6. You will now see all the wireless networks available within the radar.
  7. Select the wireless network you wish your Fire device to get connected to.
  8. If the wireless network you select comes with a lock symbol, then you will have to enter the password for the network to access it.
  9. Input the password for the Wi-Fi network, if prompted.
  10. Now, your Kindle device is connected to the Internet.

Steps to manually add a new Wi-Fi network

  1. Bring up more options by swiping downwards from the top of the Kindle Fire screen.
  2. Select the Wireless option.
  3. Confirm that the device is not set to Airplane Mode.
  4. Now, select the Wi-Fi option.
  5. Turn the Wi-Fi on by toggling the switch.
  6. Hit the Join Other Network option.
  7. Next to Network SSID, input the network’s name.
  8. Tap on the pull-down menu located beside Security.
  9. Choose a network security type.
  10. When prompted, key in the password for the network.
  11. Hit the Save button.
  12. You have successfully connected your Kindle Fire to the internet.

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mia watson
Nov 26, 2018 09:47
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