Enterprise Mobile Apps: Why your business needs it in 2019

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For most of the businesses across the world, maintenance and development of enterprise software may well be among their top priorities. However, thanks to the revolution of smartphones, enterprise software has gone well beyond the boundaries of desktop platforms and is now being developed in portable devices.

The enterprise mobility management market will likely generate more than $2.9 Billion dollars of revenue by 2019, a staggering 150% increase compared to its figure of $1.2 Billion in 2014.

So where does mobile app development come into this picture? And why does your enterprise need it? Well, it starts with defining one of the three most important aspects of any enterprise. The people. Now consider this: no matter how hard you try, your employees would always miss their smartphones and on average, they are likely to spend over 3 hours each day on these devices.

It’s a fact that people don’t like to sit beside a computer screen all day for work. So what if you could help your employees work through devices which they find more comfortable to use? This is the reason why businesses need to invest and hire top mobile app developers for enterprise mobility management.

Mobile devices can provide easy access to data and relevant information, and designing enterprise mobile apps can go a long way in increasing employee work hours. Yes, that’s right. As per a report by Fliplet in 2017, companies using enterprise mobile apps stand to gain over 240 hours of work from employees per year.

The reason is simple enough. Just like how companies create new top mobile app ideas to grab a decent share of customers for their services; they must also make efforts to grab the “attention” of their own employees on their work. On the surface, it seems like something no employee would really want to have.

But that’s not the premise here. By having a top mobile app development company help you with the development of an enterprise mobile app, you create a space for your business on the devices for your employees. This isn’t something to be imposed upon. But something to be given as an option.

So while it may seem that employees would never use an enterprise app on their personal devices. This may not be the case if that space on their device is productive for their own work. Portable devices like smartphones offer flexible use cases to employees through which they work even in situations that might not favor them.

Designing enterprise mobile apps is a crucial part of the process. Just like consumer apps, making the experience seamless is important. Over 6.59% of US employees work beyond their working hours through enterprise mobile apps. This number might seem small, but it can make a huge difference when these add up on a yearly basis.

In 2019, companies en route to digital transformation, and even those that are not; will look for ways to leverage its technology in the best ways possible. A good EMA designed by a top app development company can offer your business the following key advantages:

  • The ability to access work-related information at the swipe of fingers through smartphones.
  • Keep employees up-to-date with the latest norms, rules, and policies of the company.
  • Help employees gain key insights into the company’s growth, achievements and other details.
  • Create provisions for employees to manage payroll and check leaves among other incentives.
  • Create an alternative way to work for an employee who doesn’t like to sit in front of a desktop all day long.

Enterprise Mobility management isn’t just about the employees either. By having top mobile app developers build an enterprise mobile app; businesses can also benefit their own clients and give them valuable information about their projects. For example, a hardware manufacturing company can enable its clients to access information about the developments in the project through well-built and intuitive enterprise mobile apps. 

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So now you’d ask about the ROI from such a project. Here are some key pointers as to how an investment in enterprise mobile app development could be well worth the efforts:

  • Having an enterprise mobile app creates a brand presence. It may or may not be seen by consumers, but will be seen and appreciated by highly-qualified and experienced job seekers looking forward to work for a company which takes care of their interests. Higher quality of the workforce may not be enough for a firm to attain a competitive advantage, but nevertheless, it’s a significant part of the picture.
  • As mentioned before, an enterprise mobile app can help your company fetch over 240 working hours from employees each year!
  • The costs of enterprise mobile app development are comparatively higher than consumer-end mobile app development. However, it is ass important as other types of enterprise software. If viewed in a similar context, its benefits far overpower the costs involved.

In conclusion, enterprise mobile apps constitute a significant part of the digital transformation. People, technology and processes are what form the core of the digital infrastructure of any business. A top mobile app development company can help your business build high-quality enterprise mobile apps, subsequently creating a new portal for establishing a brand image to clients, consumers and employees.

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