Content Guidelines

Overall guidelines

People want to read reliable and credible information on Zupyak. Authentic content is more likely to resonate most, so we work hard to understand what type of posts people consider genuine so that we can rank them higher on our main page. We work to understand what kind of content people find as clickbait, misleading or inappropriate. Publishers should focus on posting accurate and authentic content. Below, we've listed some guidelines to ensure that your content is accurate and authentic.

Our audience, in general, are looking for:
Information: Clear and professional. Fact-driven and confirmed by industry bodies.
Validation: They want to know that others have used and trusted this product or service.

Content requirements

Content length minimum 1500 characters

Meaningful header

No clickbait or ads

Language: Simple, no jargon, and clear. Active voice.

Tone: Reassuring, informative, and understanding. Relatable and sincere.

Content: Testimonials from others, reviews from sources, and an image to showcase your content

Voice: Quote trusted experts including source reference

Disallowed content

Gambling and betting

Pornography, prostitution or escort services

Drug related content (with exception from rehabilitation)

Content related to buying and selling online accounts

Illegal websites


Clickbait articles or advertorials