The SEO keyword recommender

Are you tired of guessing which keywords to use in your content marketing articles? Are you tired of seeing your competitors rank higher than you in search engine results? We understand how frustrating it can be to create high-quality content but not see it reach the right audience. That's why we created our keyword recommender - to help you optimize your content for maximum search engine visibility and engagement. Our keyword recommender uses AI to provide the most high impacting keywords while indicating your chances of ranking for that keyword.

Get SEO keyword ideas

Enter any topic and we will give you a list of SEO keywords you can use, with related ideas you may never have thought of.

See keyword difficulty and volume

The keyword recommender will show you what keywords have the highest volumes, as well as how much competition there is in the search results.

Get SEO keyword recommendations

Based on these factors, our robot will recommend what keywords are better to use in your content.

Choose the right keywords and maximise content impact

With the keyword recommender, you can maximise your visibility in search engine results by taking out the guesswork around SEO keywords. It's extremely simple - just enter what topic you are writing about and our robot will present related keyword groups with monthly search volumes and difficulty - how competitive the keywords are.

Cheaper than most SEO tools

Most SEO tools cost over $100 per month and have lots of features you may never need. The keyword recommender is a super easy to use tool and our paid plans starting at just $9, which also includes our other tools such as the AI writer. The best thing is that you can try it out for free - without entering a credit card!