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How to Create an App in 9 Simple Steps

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How to Create an App in 9 Simple Steps

Right from formulating an idea to launching your App in the Market, the journey of creating a Mobile App is quite a lengthy one and consists of various steps. 

But if approached and carried out in the right manner, you will undoubtedly end up with an outstanding and successful product in your hands. 
 To build a successful mobile App, all you need to do is follow a step-by-step process ensuring that every phase of your app building project is carried out correctly. 

Every phase holds its own importance. And neglecting even one step can lead to the failure of your App. 

The app market is brimming with millions of mobile Apps belonging to different domains. And your App is going to compete with all these apps to reach the top charts. 
 ChromeInfotech being a globally recognized 8+-year-old mobile App development company has delivered many business enriching Mobile app solutions across 30+ industry verticals. 
 From our experiences with building mobile Apps, We have drafted out a step wise process of "How to create a successful App" that will inevitably result in a Hit mobile App. 

Step1: Generating an Idea for your App 

The first thing that you require to build a mobile App is an Idea!. 

With no idea, there won't be any App to develop.

Step 2: Researching the Market and Validating your Idea 

Market Research is one of the preliminary phases of the mobile app development process. 

It provides you insights into the following aspects: 

Is your Idea unique? 

If not, How are you going to make it stand out among the competitor Apps? 

Who is your target audience? Is your App going to be of any use to them? 

What is the purpose of your App? 

How is it going to add value to User's lives? 

And so on.

The answers to these questions should help you to decide whether: 
 You should go ahead with your idea and start building the App


You should reevaluate your idea and come up with a revamped version.

Step 3: Setting Business Goals and Developing a Business Plan: 

This step is crucial for you if you want to build a successful App. 

A business plan and set of goals will keep you on the right track. 

Step 4: Sketching and Wireframing your App 

The first step in designing your App is Sketching. 

It is nothing but a rough pen and pencil representation of your App's screens. 

The next step is Wireframing. 

It is an advanced version of Sketching, which means that it represents a more detailed and crisp ides about the design of the App.

Step 5: Designing your App's UI and UX 

So the fifth step for How to make a successful App is designing its User Interface and User Experience. 

These two aspects are so important that they can either make or break your App. 

User Interface refers to the appearance of the App. 

While User Experience deals with the App's overall feel and it's ease of use.

Step 6: Coding your Mobile App 

This is the step when developers will start developing your App, and it includes:

  • Front End Development 
  • Back End Development 

Step 7: Testing your Mobile App Continuous testing is essential to create a successful App.

It consists of two stages that need to be carried out before your App's launch: 

  • Alpha Testing 
  • Beta Testing 

Step 8: App Marketing and App Launch 

Now comes the fun part which is Launching your App. 

But How will your users know about your App? 

This is where marketing comes in, and it consists of 3 phases: 

  • Pre Launch Marketing 
  • Marketing during Launch 
  • Post-launch Marketing

9. Providing Maintenance and Customer Support 

This is the last phase and is directed at maintaining your App and providing customer support to your users. 

This will ensure your App's success in the long run. 

So these are the 9 steps of mobile App development that can guarantee you a successful App is approached correctly.

ChromeInfo Technologies
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