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The reality of vaporizers and electronic and traditional cigarettes

mike dj
The reality of vaporizers and electronic and traditional cigarettes

Clearing doubts: The reality of vaporizers and electronic and traditional cigarettes
 Maybe you've heard the words "vaporize" or "vaporize". But what do these terms mean?

In general, they are used to describe the activity of inhaling or exhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or some other vaporizing device.

Popularity of electronic cigarettes

In the last five years, the sale of electronic cigarettes has increased from almost zero to become a multi-million dollar industry. Electronic cigarettes emit nicotine without the need for tobacco. These may look like traditional cigarettes, pipes, pens or lipsticks.

Initially, several people who used electronic cigarettes were smokers who chose to use them as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. But things changed, over time, the electronic cigarette industry has become popular.  

The number of new younger consumers increased. The use of the word "vaporear" arose to describe this activity in order to distinguish it from "smoking", the activity of the traditional smoker.

But are electronic cigarettes a better choice? Are electronic cigarette manufacturers focusing on a younger generation of nicotine consumers?

Are they a resource to stop smoking?

Some research suggests that electronic cigarettes can help smokers quit smoking. But several doctors remain skeptical.

The US Food and Drug Administration. The US Food and Drug Administration, which regulates medicines and tobacco products, has not yet approved them for that purpose.

The US Preventive Services Task Force , the US team, recently published an updated report on recommendations for smoking cessation. The report includes information on electronic cigarettes as an aid to stop smoking. The USPSTF

team  concluded that there is not enough evidence to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of electronic cigarettes. The following links are only available in English.

They're safe?
Manufacturers promote that electronic cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes, but health experts do not say so. On the one hand, the vapors do not contain the same harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke, but users of electronic

cigarettes still inhale nicotine, a highly addictive drug.

Researchers have also expressed concern about exposure to secondhand smoke from the vapors emitted by electronic

cigarettes. Some people, including pregnant women and people who quit smoking, may face the damaging effects of nicotine or other chemicals in the vapors that are released into the open air. More research is needed to understand these effects as well.

In the short term, inhaling the vapors may cause coughing, throat irritation and other minor complaints. But long-term studies have not yet been conducted to examine the safety of these products.

Are you focusing on a second generation of smokers?(STORZ BICKEL)

The problem: Adults could use electronic cigarettes to quit smoking or smoke less. However, several children and adolescents, who had never smoked, began to "vaporize". This could increase the chances of them becoming smokers,instead of achieving the opposite.

Recent research shows that, from 2013 to 2014, the number of middle and high school students who use electronic

cigarettes tripled, including 2 million students. Electronic cigarettes are now more popular among teens than traditional cigarettes, whose use has reached the lowest level in years.

This may sound like good news, but very little is known about the safety of electronic cigarettes. What is known is that

they are not regulated and, for the most part, they contain nicotine, even those that say they do not have it. In addition to being addictive, nicotine can adversely affect health, including brain development in adolescents.

This puts many people thinking about whether electronic cigarettes are more dangerous for children than adults can use to quit smoking.   

It should be noted that the manufacturers of electronic cigarettes do not have to follow the same strict marketing

standards established for traditional cigarette manufacturers. So those who advocate against smoking are concerned about energetic marketing campaigns aimed at young people .

Be careful

Because electronic cigarettes are products without regulations, it is difficult to know exactly how much nicotine and

what other chemicals they contain. Doctors still have much more to know in relation to the effects that these devices can cause in the human body and in the environment.

Meanwhile, experts say it is safest to avoid polluting clean air and lungs with new chemicals. If you are trying to quit smoking, ask your doctor about methods that have been shown to be helpful in quitting smoking, including other products that replace nicotine


mike dj
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