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Google Voice Assistant App in Business Development

Andrea Maria
Google Voice Assistant App in Business Development

Google Assistant is a Virtual Assistant developed by Google that is used for mobile and smart devices. It is used for both personal and professional purposes so that its application is spread from millions of households to business fields.

The voice assistant market provides a series of benefits to the end users, but still, it is in an initial stage. In the initial stage dominated by three voice assistant market players, those are Amazon’s Alexa, Google Personal Assistant, and Apple’s Siri. If we devise these three players according to user preference means Amazon’s Alexa is mostly used for the user’s personal use, Google Virtual Personal Assistant App used for business purpose and Apple is yet to use for either personal or business.

Reason for adopting Google Voice Assistant App in Business Development:

Has wide applications

Google Voice Assistant has its functionality in every industry so that it has a wide range of applications. Adopt Google Assistant App in app development process helps for operating TVs, Cars, Game streamers and used from smartphones to smart displays and watches to IoT. This app has its benefits for every modern day users for their usage.

Has control on many devices

Google Assistant has control over a wide range of devices, both in the home and office areas. Home devices like TV, Refrigerator, AC, Cars, watches and in the kitchen like microwaves. In Office space are Hubs, Locks, Switches, Switch, Thermostats, and can expand its access to number devices in business models.

It converts visitors into buyers

The Artificial Intelligence-based Voice Assistant technology allows you to create an action within your app that connected to Google Assistant. This Google Assistant allows the user to do an action on the app without opening that application within the assistant.

For example a user order food through an assistant, that directs the user into your app. This action improves your brand awareness and converts casual visitors into consumers.

Makes Phone Calls

Google Voice Assistant allows you to make calls automatically through Google Duplex AI helps for natural conversations. Google Assistant uses the plethora of different factors to answer, this factor differs Google Assistant from AI Virtual Assistant Apps in the market.

It is Proactive

When a user operating PC, Smartphones and other devices through Google Assistant, it offers next services before they asked for it. This advanced services are given by Google Assistant using Machine Learning and NLP technologies.

For example, if want to book a movie with the assistant, but proactive algorithm added into the system, ask you a query: Are you wish to book a cab from Uber or Ola. This is really amazing to improve your brand recognition.

After reading this article every business should focus on the use of Google Assistant from today itself. And it is a time to think who are the best mobile app developers, includes voice assistant in that app.

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Andrea Maria
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