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Gua Sha – The Amazing Therapy to Boost Your Blood Circulation

Chua Adela
Gua Sha – The Amazing Therapy to Boost Your Blood Circulation

Gua sha is a wonderful therapy that includes scraping your skin with a particular massage tool to boost your circulation. This ancient Chinese healing method may provide you with a special approach to improve health, resolving problems such as chronic pain.

In Guasha Singapore, technician rubs your skin with short or long strokes to invigorate microcirculation of the delicate tissue, which boosts blood flow. They create such strokes with a smooth-edged instrument called as gua massage tool. The technician applies massage oil to your skin, and after that utilizes the tool to repeatedly scrape your skin in a descending motion.

Gua sha is, for the most part, performed on an individual's buttocks, back, arms, neck, and legs. A gentle version of it is even utilized on the face as a facial method. Your technician may apply low pressure, and step by step increase intensity to decide how much force you can deal with.

What are the advantages of gua sha?

Gua sha may decrease irritation, so it’s mostly used to treat illnesses that result in chronic pain, for example, arthritis as well as fibromyalgia, that trigger muscle and joint torment.

Gua sha may also ease symptoms of different conditions:

  1. Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a viral disease that causes liver damage, liver inflammation, and liver scarring. Research recommends that gua sha may decrease chronic liver inflammation.

  1. Migraine headaches

If your migraine headaches don't react to over-the-counter medications, gua sha may assist.

  1. Neck pain

Gua sha method may likewise prove viable for curing chronic neck pain.

  1. Tourette syndrome

Tourette disorder includes involuntary movements, for example, throat clearing, facial tics, and vocal disorders. As indicated by a single case study, gua sha together with different treatments may have assisted to decrease symptoms of Tourette syndrome in the study participant.

  1. Perimenopausal syndrome

Perimenopause happens when women reaches to menopause. Symptoms involve:

  • insomnia
  • irregular periods
  • anxiety
  • fatigue
  • hot flashes

One study, though, shown that gua sha may trim down the symptoms of perimenopause in a few women.

Does gua sha have side effects?

As a natural healing remedy, gua sha is safe. It’s not supposed to be painful, but the procedure may change the appearance of your skin. Because it involves rubbing or scraping skin with a massage tool, tiny blood vessels known as capillaries near the surface of your skin can burst. This can result in skin bruising and minor bleeding. Bruising usually disappears within a couple of days.

A few people likewise experience temporary indentation of their skin after a gua sha treatment.

If any bleeding happens, there's additionally the danger of transferring bloodborne diseases with gua sha treatment, so it's vital for technicians to purify their tools after every individual.

Avoid this technique if you’ve had any surgery in the last six weeks.

Stay away from this technique if you've had any surgery in the last six weeks

Individuals who are taking blood thinners or have clotting issue aren't eligible for gua sha.

The takeaway

At the point, when ordinary treatments don't improve your symptoms, research suggests that gua sha might most likely give help.

Find the ideal TCM Clinic Singapore because this technique may appear straightforward and simple, but it should only be performed by an authorized acupuncturist or practitioner of Chinese medicine. This guarantees a secured, appropriate treatment. More research is required, but there not many risks related with this massage method.

Whoever you select, ensure that individual has an experience in gua sha. Certification confirms they have fundamental information of this recuperating practice. Utilizing a professional improves the adequacy of the treatment and lower the risk of torment or serious bruising from unnecessary force.

Chua Adela
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