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Do web designers need to know the code?

Abhi Dogra
Do web designers need to know the code?

Do web designers need to know the code?   

Should designers do web design without coding skills? This question is always highly controversial, but it can be answered in this article.

Is it true that web designers specialists must  know how to code in order to be taken seriously as a professional services provider?

Over the previous year or so, I have seen articles and blog posts written that exhort web designers to learn HTML, CSS, and PHP. A portion of these articles have even gone as far to state that if you don’t know how to code, you aren't a genuine web designer.

These opinions do have merit.  It would be important and beneficial for a designer to have an understanding of the code  work important to build a website, but in no way is it required to be fruitful in the art of web design.

But before we dig more into this answer, possibly we ought to rethink two terms utilized in our industry:  web developer and web designer.


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  • The Role of a Web Designer

The term web designer has somewhat turned out to be ambiguous in the web media field. Initially this term concentrated exclusively on the  creative side of website development.

A designer was carefully in charge for the layout, colors, fonts, images, and overall branding of a website. Their role was to define the characterize the customer's needs or necessities and then bring that to life in a visual representation called a mockup.

At some point, it was assumed that a web designer ought to be the one to code the webpage or do the markup. The issue is that most creative people are right brained and figuring out how to code can be an extraordinary test for them, if not impossible.

  • The Role of a Web Developer

The term web developer is increasingly characterized and guided.  A developer is referred to concentrate on specialties for example, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, and Ruby. They for the most part play out the task of taking the design mockups and making them work for the web.

I would venture to say that most developers would never take a thought from a customer and and translate it into a design masterpiece that is pleasing to the eye AND functional.

  • Oil and Water Do Not Mix

There are rare instances that an individual will have BOTH capacities and have the capacity to utilize them well, however and still, after all that, there is typically a twist towards one side or the other.

If this is true, for what reason do we feel it is important to mold a web designer or web developer into a one size fits all solution? Why can’t we be able to simply comprehend that there are individuals who are skilled in design and others who are talented in development?

The web industry has undergone explosive growth and many web development shops I  am aware of can't stay aware of the present requests of the marketplace. Add to that mixture the need of keeping up with web standards and technologies or the amazing interest in WordPress websites, and it's practically difficult to sum up as a specialist organization.

This is one reason why I accept there is more  value in specializing and in building an ecosystem where we come close by of one another to partner on projects, instead of compete with each other.



  • Do Web Designers Need to Code?

web designers don't have to  know how to code. It's completely possible to have a successful web design career without having any skill in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. For designers specifically, knowing how to code is beneficial.  In this article, Web designing training in Chandigarh to focus on why I think it’s in the best interest of designers to learn at least the basics of the technologies that will be utilized to translate their designs into functioning sites.

  • Competitive Advantage

A designer has a competitive advantage with the ability to translate their designs into a workplace, especially if their target market is small businesses and startups. Many business people do not have a clear distinction between designers and developers, and expect that they can hire someone who is capable of designing and delivering the finished product.


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Abhi Dogra
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