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Why Line Workers Need a Lineman Tool Bag? Know What All is there

American Safety Utility Corporation
Why Line Workers Need a Lineman Tool Bag? Know What All is there

Do you often think what a lineman tool bag sets are for? Lineman workers are the people who risk their lives for us. Infact, the credits of the daily power we enjoy solely goes to them.

In short, they are the men that work 24*7 to keep the lights and machines of your workplace and home ON. This job is risky as well as hazardous! Instead of taking any risk, these workers should always wear complete protective gear such as hard hat, protective glasses or goggles and face shields, insulating shirts with flame resistant fabric, rubber gloves and safety lineman rubber overshoes.

At American Safety Utility Corporation, we specialize in providing lineman with quality products and solutions. We also specialize in safety signs & markers which are designed to increase workplace safety and compliance. Safety of the employees should be the first and foremost moral duty and goal of the employers.

Have you ever seen that a lineman carries a bag with them whenever they visit anywhere? The bag contains all the appropriate lineman tools that they need to carry out their day to day particular day to day tasks. Further, these tools may weigh a total of 30 pounds.

The Purpose and Use of the Bag

Line workers have the habit of carrying their lineman tool bag from one place to another. This helps them carry out their work without interruption, especially while they are working on great heights.

This provides them quick accessibility to the lineman tools whenever they need them. It helps save time and effort in climbing heights and towers again and again. Infact, if you happen to come across a lineman, ask them “what is one thing they can’t live without?” The answer will surely be the bucket bag. In the stressful condition, these bags are of great help to easily do their job because every tool they need is within the arm’s reach.

When working on power lines or machines you need to possess the required skills and knowledge along with selected lineman tools. Their work is not ordinary which anyone and everyone can do. It is an extremely dangerous job. Also, this work knows no climate condition – it is carried out wherever, whenever, and whatever the weather condition is. This means it demands and requires a lot of physical work.

What is there in the lineman’s bag?

Since the starting paragraph you must be wondering what all is exactly there in the tool bag that makes it weigh 30 pounds. Let’s take a sneak peek:

  • A staple holder which is used to protect gloves and fingers while hammering staples.
  • Lineman rubber gloves and overshoes
  • An assisted knife which is used for opening the blade safely.
  • Impact socket, for incase they need to use powered impact drivers.
  • Bucket hooks, adhesive tape, and screws of different sizes.

These are the basic things which may or may not be present in the lineman’s bag. All in all, this bag is a must for all workers who are always on the go along with other safety signs & markers. This bag and the tools make their work fast and efficient.

American Safety Utility Corporation
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