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Why Should Programmers Learn Mean Stack Development

Olivia Wilson
Why Should Programmers Learn Mean Stack Development

Developers find employment in various process-areas like Testing, Backend, Database, Frontend, website building or Mobile Apps. Traditionally, you would gain expertise, experience and pursue specialization while progressing your career in that direction. Today's best practices have changed this while seamless-technology and language suites make it possible to learn to be a developer with either full-stack or mean-stack capabilities.

A Stack that is MEAN implies JavaScript framework combinations for creating/ building websites and applications that are dynamic from open source, organized and quick methods for prototypes. Since it uses a single JavaScript at all apps the execution is faster, more efficient and modern. The stack being SPAs do not need refreshing of requests and are free/open source upgrades of versions and benefit most users being globally developed by an ever-increasing community of mean-stack developers.

The essential Mean Stack components are 

  • Database from MongoDB 
  • Web framework of ExpressJS 
  • Frontend framework of AngularJS 
  • Server platform of Node.js 

Features of the Mean Stack:

  1. JavaScript: JavaScript helps to execute and amalgamate the technologies in a Mean Stack execution of applications both on server and client side. The stack runs essentially using one language and is hence neater and only requires a Java-based browser and no additional software to execute the pages.
  2. Node.js: The web server provides the environment for effective runtimes in JavaScript and is compatible with OSs like Windows, Linux, and OS X. 
  3. MongoDB: The crucial database in MongoDB is helpful in managing large data loads and tables.  Adding MongoDB fields does not require the entire table to be updated and is hence simpler. This no SQL database is used in very many applications and scores over traditional databases.
  1. Angular-js: Single-page-applications is the core strength in a JavaScript framework at the front-end which use the Node.js as a solution to the server-end. Thus application programming is more efficient and uses only one language namely JavaScript.


Reasons to learn mean-stack development:

 Let us see what the prospects of a Mean-stack developer are.

Insatiable demand exists: 

Startups, Tech businesses, and organizations prefer to invest in a mean-stack or full-stack developer’s coding skills compared to hiring more engineers to do partial jobs. 

Remuneration is excellent:

The total annual income for a Mean stack/full stack Developer in the US is between $62.1K and $105K. In India, this figure ranges from Rs 351,000-1,000,000 for a fairly experienced developer according to Glassdoor.com.

Job Opportunities aplenty: 

Mean Stack Developers seamlessly integrate the software layers of software and mean hiring more broad-based developers who function in cross-functional environments. 

Continuous learning: 

Market-relevant world-class courses with huge reputations and backed by reputed organizations make learning easy and the aspirants job-ready. 


Certifications are added benefits that speak volumes regarding the developer’s practical skills, adaptability to industry-relevant situations and measurability of performance and returns. Skills count and the wider your knowledge the better you become. Aspirants adept in JavaScript, Mongo and Couch DBs, HTML5, JQuery, MySQL, Node.js and such suites among others are highly valued.

Build proficiency and become full stack:

With these basic essential you need never stop writing or fear any part of the stack.

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • All-purpose languages like Ruby, Python, PHP etc.
  • Relational-database systems like MySQL, Oracle, Postgres etc.
  • Web-servers like nginx, Apache etc.
  • OS deployment with Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD etc.
  • Any version-control system like git.  

Experiential learning:

Learn through courses and reading from blogs, passive-learning, screencasts, webinars, hackathons and podcasts. Improve your techniques, skills, tools, reports, documentation, testing, error and debugging capabilities too. 

The best career choices are yours if you have proficiency in various stack components, languages and parts of the stack. Development of multi-skills improves the learning of the futuristic languages for continuous advancement. Testing and debugging frequently helps you get issues resolved quickly. That’s prime skills for any employer!

An effective action-plan:

Present an optimized GitHub plan and portfolio of action to show employers you have skills in 

  • Imbibe CSS, HTML pages, links etc.
  • Deploy with a hosting-provider etc.
  • Integrate HTML into the back-end.
  • Use a deployment virtual server.
  • Integrate with a relational database.
  • Learn client-side JavascripJavascript behaviour.

In parting, a mean stack course at the reputed Imarticus Learning is bound to give the Mean stack developer the ability to handle all the challenges of a mean-stack. 

Olivia Wilson
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