How do I Restore the Shine on my Shower Tile?

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Do you feel your shower tile has lost its sheen? Do you find spots, stains and mold on the surface? Shower areas are always exposed to water. Natural stone, ceramic and porcelain are the common options for shower flooring. Natural stone is porous and tends to absorb water leading to mold and mildew formation. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are not porous but get stained easily. If you want to restore the sheen on your shower tile, you need to do an extensive shower restoration procedure. Such a process should include cleaning, repairing, sealing and polishing all done step-by-step.

Before you jump into a thorough cleaning and sealing mechanism, knowing a bit about shower tile problems will help you tackle the situation better..

Problems with Different Types of Shower Tile and Their Solutions

Mold and Mildew:

Natural stone tile, because of their porosity will often find the problem of mold and mildew formation. Mold breeds in damp conditions and stains tiles. It also causes a lot of health issues. You need to remove mold from natural stone tile in your shower to restore its sheen.

Etching and Staining :

Acidic cleaners also cause etching of the tile. Staining easily occurs on ceramic and porcelain tile due to soap scum and dirty accumulation. You need to remove all the superficial and deep-rooted stains by a rigorous cleaning procedure.


Cracks can develop due to heavy impact on the flooring. A cracked tile can not only hurt someone walking barefoot on the surface but also ruins the beauty of your surface. You can either hire experts for a shower tile repair service or do the repairs yourself.

Dirty Grout:

Grout is also porous like natural stone because it is a mixture of sand and cement. It absorbs all the dirty water and looks dirty and stained. It also cracks in places giving a very unmaintained look. You need to repair the grout and then seal it in order to restore the beauty of your shower tile.


A major culprit ruining the integrity of shower tile is efflorescence, which is nothing but mineral deposits left over after water evaporates. This is the residue left over after masonry. You need to hire the services of experts for removing efflorescence or you can tackle it yourself with the below mentioned guide.

This detailed guide, if followed properly, can help you restore the sheen on your shower tile just like new. If you find the shower restoration procedure to be too daunting, you can hire the services of experts. D’Sapone Restorations - Brooklynis one such stone, tile and grout restoration service provider company that offers patented procedures. The good news is that we also offer a 5 year labor warranty on our services, which just showcases how sure we are of our services. Try us now!

dsapone services
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