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Difference Between Servo Voltage Stabilizer And UPS?

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Difference Between Servo Voltage Stabilizer And UPS?

The electrical power supply is mainly important to carry on various industrial, residential, and other significant power-based applications. As you know, a substantial voltage level of the power supply is essential to run different types of equipment. But, sometimes, there will be changes in the power voltage, harmonics, etc. Also, there will be a power-cut. Then it is impossible to carry out such important activities. Servo voltage stabilizers and UPS are the best solutions for people to encounter these problems.

Still, many of us do not know the difference between them and get confused to make the right choice. So, it is essential for us to understand their function and importance, and then avail the best power solutions for desired demands.

A common man knows that a stabilizer is meant for stabilizing the output to desired levels and a UPS is meant for continuous power supply.

Now, let’s know more about them and their functional differences.

Firstly, let’s understand what a servo voltage stabilizer is.

Servo Voltage Stabilizer

A servo voltage stabilizer is a device which runs on servo-motors to stabilize the fluctuating power voltage. For instance, equipment requires substantial voltage levels to function normally. The power supply from the mains that is provided to the electric and electronic appliances often face variations, interruptions, etc.

There is a scope of over or under voltages, short-circuits, frequency variations, etc. that differ the voltage levels. Such undesirable voltage power is not useful for the effective functioning of any equipment. If you are facing such varying power-voltage issues, then you must look forward to acquire the best servo voltage stabilizer.

What does it do?

A servo voltage stabilizer has a servo motor that moves clockwise or anticlockwise in the direction according to the input voltage levels. It decreases or increases the voltage and supplies a stabilized desired output voltage to the end equipment. Generally, single-phase and three-phase output voltage levels are stabilized perfectly with the servo stabilizers.

Features of Servo Stabilizers

Here are some interesting features of servo voltage stabilizers –

· They regulate the voltage levels with the utmost efficiency. Whatever is the input voltage range, they give out stabilized output voltage with 98% efficiency.

· Within seconds, they work out to give appropriate voltage stabilization.

· They are useful for various kinds of industrial, domestic, and commercial applications.

· Based on their design, some of them can also reduce spikes, line noises, etc.

So, you got an idea on what a servo stabilizer does.

Now, understand what a UPS is.

UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supply

It is the device that provides a power supply continuously in case of any interruptions or power-cuts. As you know, it is mandatory for much equipment’s to have a continuous supply of electricity. Without this, there will be data loss, operational loss, and many other damages. Finally, certain industries and organizations may end up in financial troubles.

So, a UPS system avoids such problems – they have a rechargeable battery that supplies power to the end equipment if the mains power supply is turned off. The battery will be charged when there is a normal power supply.

However, the substantial charging of the battery is essential to provide power supply during power-cuts. If the batteries are not completely charged, you may face again power-interruptions. Otherwise, if the batteries are over-charged, their characteristics may be lost and remain in malfunctioning. But, to some extent, UPS systems are helpful for various types of equipment to continue the operations without any delay.

Types of UPS Systems

There are two types of UPS systems – online and offline UPS systems. They are classified based on the capacity and voltage levels provided to the equipment. Offline UPS systems are meant for residential power applications.

Online UPS systems are useful for industrial, commercial, and other important larger power-based equipment. Some of the UPS systems have the ability to remove the power sags, spikes, surges, etc. and provide quality power to ultimately ensure better performance.

When to choose servo stabilizer and UPS?

People look out for UPS or servo stabilizers to get efficient and quality power supply. As you got now that both of them are quite different in their functions and uses, you should now be careful to choose one.

If you are facing frequent power-cuts, you may have to purchase an online UPS system. But, even if you get the UPS, there is no guarantee that substantial power voltage stabilization is maintained. This is because the UPS systems have certain limits of capacities and voltage ranges that may not be sync with your equipment.

Then, you will need a servo voltage stabilizer to get an adequate stabilized voltage output. It is, therefore, recommended to choose the right one based on your applications.

Remember one thing – online UPS systems are expensive when compared to servo stabilizers. If you are a startup company and cannot afford higher investments, then it is better to go with the servo stabilizers which are economical. Also, their maintenance costs are lesser when compared to the huge spending over UPS.

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