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Plastic and Competitive Pipe Market to Make Great Impact in Near Future by 2026

Ethan Taylor
Plastic and Competitive Pipe Market to Make Great Impact in Near Future by 2026

Construction and Building Sector to add to the Growth of Plastics and Competitive Pipe Market


The demand for plastics and competitive pipe market are witnessing an expansion owing to increasing expenditure on building construction. Expanding construction of residential market, growing housing completions and increasing construction of bathroom and kitchen directs towards the demand for vent pipe, waste and drain. To direct appropriate electrical and telecommunication wiring, utilization of plastics pipe is increasing in non- residential building. Construction and Building sector are considered to contribute the biggest share of the market for plastics and competitive pipe worldwide.

Because of its minimal cost, high compression and durability, the utilization of steel pipe are increasing in the oil and gas sector. Activities, for example, drilling and dissemination of gas pipeline additionally increment the requirement of steel pipes. Amid all material, steel pipes are considered to account for maximum share in worldwide competitive pipe market. Different government ventures with respect to investments in gas pipeline dissemination additionally support the plastics and competitive pipe market.

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Several government investments for municipal infrastructure in wastewater pipeline distribution as well as gas exploration has been considered to boost the North America plastics and competitive pipe market. The massive investment in commercial and residential building construction in emerging nations of Asia Pacific additionally indicated to boosts the market.

Customers Demand to Bring Down Replacement and Maintenance Costs to Boost Market


The plastic pipe had encountered the quickest expansion during the year 2016 and is indicated to increase at the maximum pace among other materials. This expansion is considered to spur by their growing usage at the price of materials such as concrete and steel. Resin upgrades that improve pipe execution had empowered the plastic pipe to keep on taking market share from other pipe materials in requiring applications. Furthermore, handling upgrades will enable the plastic pipe to be a more financially savvy choice contrasted with different materials. Thus applications as portable water and drainage and sewer, the plastic pipe will growingly be defined by customers attempting to bring down replacement and maintenance costs.

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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which represented the leading plastic resin all plastic pipe demand during 2013 is considered to continue as the prominent plastic resin over the upcoming years. Going ahead, PVC is relied upon to exploit the retrieval in building construction and increment at about twofold figure rate. The requirement is expected to benefit from the material’s resistance and durability to degradation. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe was the second dominating plastic pipe during 2013 is expected to see the strongest growth through 2018, increased by the utilization of HDPE pipe in potable water, sewer and drainage and natural gas distribution applications. HDPE pipe provides such benefits as corrosion and durability resistance. Progressions in HDPE pipe are indicated to result from the material proceeding to supplant solid, PVC and steel pipe in storm sewer, drainage and water distribution applications.

Key Company McWane Inc. to Enter into Sales Agreement with Waterman Industries to Offer Enhanced Durability and High-Performance


Recently at the beginning of March, Waterman Industries declared its sales agreement to McWane Inc. This privately-held branched out manufacturing company is one of the biggest pipe manufacturing company in the U.S. and on a regular basis makes the list of Fortune magazine’s 500 biggest privately owned companies. Its iron foundries extend all over Canada and 10 U.S. states, generating an approximated $2 billion in annual revenues in addition to this employ over 6000 people. The details of the sales agreement were not disclosed. The product offering of Waterman’s expands and complements the product portfolio of McWane’s, as well as enables consumers to execute business with a particular industry-leading provider.

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Some of the prominent market players apart from McWane Inc. in global plastic and competitive pipe market are Advanced Drainage Systems Incorporated, American Cast Iron Pipe Company, Alcoa Incorporated, AMSTED Industries Incorporated, CONTECH Engineered Solutions LLC, Can Clay Corporation, Atkore International Holdings Incorporated, Cretex Companies Incorporated, United States Pipe and Foundry Company LLC and Pipelife Jet Stream.

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