Glamour in modeling Industry

mohit sona

We suggest you wear no makeup when you arrive. Ideally, you will arrive for your model portfolio shoot with your hair ready styled. If not, please ensure that it is washed and clean of any products. If your hair needs intricate styling to achieve the look you want please let us know in advance. You will need to spend longer in makeup.

Consider having your nails painted or manicured before you arrive for your photoshoot as these look great in makeover photos. If you would like lingerie/swimwear photos please pay careful attention to shaving or waxing needs and also consider using tanning products to achieve even, all over body tanning.

Finally, bring in samples you have seen in magazines or on the internet of the style of photos that you like, be it fashion, glamour, romantic, and more interesting stories, etc. showing styles and lighting and poses and we will incorporate these ideas into your photoshoot.

A quick note about posing. It helps our photographers enormously if you have strong ideas beforehand of the type of poses you need. Remember that body movement often need to be exaggerated for a pose to be effective

What to bring

At least 3 different outfits and a range of accessories so that we can mix and match with our wardrobe. Casual (jeans, denim skirt, casual tops, streetwear) formal/evening (evening dresses, clubwear, long boots, strappy shoes) conservative/corporate (suit, white shirt) body shots (swimwear, lingerie, gym wear, dance outfit).

Bring something dark and something light, evening dresses, casual tops, white shirts, anything with an unusual texture, bold and bright colors, lingerie, swimwear, gym wear, jeans, hats or anything that you feel good in.

It's good to avoid anything with intricate patterns and you may want to bring in extra props for your makeover shoot. Think about a teddy bear, sports equipment, a musical instrument or even your partner. Accessorise with different hats, jewelry, bags, etc. Also, we normally put on music during your makeover photoshoot so if you have any favorite tracks bring them along to the studio

You can check out the hottest Instagram models and look at their personality how impressive these models look like. If you want to become a model check out above guidelines for a photoshoot.

mohit sona
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