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Saving Money On Your Bills - What Can Technology Offer?

Michael Deane
Saving Money On Your Bills - What Can Technology Offer?

When you want to be able to save money on your bills, you need to turn to the world of technology. You might think that you’re not going to save all that much, but that’s hardly a reason not to try, is it? Take a look at the following hints and tips and you’ll be surprised at how far you can get in a single afternoon.

Consult an expert on electricity tariffs

Electricity is something we all take for granted when we’re consuming it every waking minute, and even when we’re asleep. But how many of us put all that much thought into how much we’re actually paying for it?

You probably feel like your electricity bill is one of those things that you can’t talk down, much like your rent and tax. That’s just not true though, because all you need to do is compare a variety of different tariffs from various providers, and then pick the one which offers you the best deal. You can also find a local Houston electricity provider who can hook you up with something quite specific to your area.

Install smart meters so you know everything about your usage

Smart meters have been talked about for years, and they’ve attracted their fair share of negative press in that time. The good news though is that they’re now up and running, and saving residential and commercial customers a pretty penny in the process. If you want to be able to see how much you’re using in real time and then make the changes needed to reduce your usage, a smart meter is the tool you need in your locker.

It’s all about having the data to make sure you’re making the right changes. In just a couple of weeks, you’ll be able to see where the savings are, and then make the adjustments accordingly. You’ll find it quite easy to do, and you’ll definitely be surprised at some of the things you find out.

Energy saving light bulbs are a great way to cut costs

Energy saving light bulbs are a must for anyone looking to leverage the power of technology to save on their utilities. The great thing about them is that they do exactly the same job as standard light bulbs, but they use a fraction of the power. When you put it like that, it’s really a no-brainer! Start swapping yours out today and you’ll be saving money by tomorrow.

Have your key devices on a timer circuit

If you want to be able to ensure you’re not keeping energy sapping devices on purely for the sake of it, why not install a simple timer plug? They allow you to knock off your main appliances over night, so they’re not sucking up all of that standby power. Screens and TVs are a great example, because so many of them use almost as much power when they’re on standby as they do when they’re actually in use.

Save water by only boiling as much as you need

Boiling a full kettle only to pour a couple of cups of tea is such a waste of money. You just don’t need to do it, and if you’re having a cuppa every hour or so, then you’re needlessly boiling gallons of water every week. Not only would the money that it costs be better spent elsewhere, it will also be better for the planet if you only fill up the kettle with what you need. Give it some thought, get into a new habit, and you’ll find that change happens a lot quicker than you first think.

Use natural light to illuminate your building

You don’t need to have your overhead lighting on night and day, and if you design your spaces right, you’ll be able to make the most of the natural light that the sun shines down on you. It may be a habit to have the strobe lighting on the moment you arrive, but it really doesn’t need to be that way.

 Think about all of the natural benefits of sunlight and you won’t have to think too hard about keeping your artificial lights off that little bit longer. Not only will it save you money, it’s also a great way to boost morale and improve productivity at the same time.

Eliminate draughts to reduce your heating bill

Last but not least, you need to start tackling those troublesome draughts. They might be pleasant in the summer, but they cost you money in the winter. By letting the hot air you’ve just paid to heat flow outside, you’re just wasting money. You may not think of a draught excluder as ‘technology’, but it will do the job of saving you money. After all, isn’t that why you’ve been reading this article in the first place?

Michael Deane
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