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Why Is A Professional Phone System Important For Start-Ups?

Jerrod Mcnaulty
Why Is A Professional Phone System Important For Start-Ups?

First impressions are always the most important!

This especially refers to start-ups because customers probably won’t give you a second chance if you failed to impress them in the first round.

The Need For A Business Identity

Working on self-identity is an important issue for every start-up. In order to have a successful business, each start-up must take into account the impression it leaves on customers and employees. In this sense, self-identity can be defined as a set of attributes that identify and represent your start-up. Every successful business has its own image. That is a more precise impression that it leaves on individuals.

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High Level Of Communication

Whether it's referring to clients or employees, the strongest impression can be achieved in communication. The mode of communication almost always determines the level of professionalism of a company. Phone greetings can be a powerful tool in doing business.

Most of the potential clients will reach contact you via phone before they set foot into your office. We already know that image is what it sells. So, you can create a great and unique phone introduction, and start working!

Make A Professional Phone Greeting

It doesn't matter if you own a big or small business company - if you don't have a quality telephone greeting you will look unprofessional and unprepared. The business greeting should welcome your callers and clearly state your company's name. Afterwards, it should contain options available to your callers. Creating such a greeting, you will give your clients the confidence they need. They will know they have reached the right company, and it’ll make a professional impression. Hopefully, it will impress them quite enough to make contact and do business with you.

Help Your Callers Find What They Are Looking For

By giving your callers MENU options, you can ease many things. Following the MENU, your customers will be able to reach the department or find the exact person they need. This option makes your callers avoid reduce possible confusion and frustration. By using a call centre software, you can customize your phone system to route calls, or use voicemail inbox. What's more, you can even have different forwarding options and use out-of-hours calls

Use The Auto Attendant Feature

Making a call to a company can sometimes be quite difficult. According to research, 67% of customers usually hung up in frustration for being unable to get a person or department they want. Using an auto attendant can solve this issue since it's acting as a virtual receptionist. The auto attendant will direct your customers to the exact service they want. This type of automated system uses the software in order to answer incoming calls. It is also presenting the caller with a MENU for different services within a business. With the help of an auto attendant, the caller will choose the department or a person he wants to reach from the main menu. It usually goes by using a touch-tone keypad. Afterwards, the attendant will transfer the call.

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Your auto attendant script will provide useful information to your callers. That also includes your working hours and your business location. Many auto attendant systems have the option for callers to press 0 or to use voice prompts in order to speak directly to the receptionist or a customer service agent. Virtual auto attendants will surely help your businesses in order to be more efficient. It functions quite simple. Connecting your customers with the exact department, there will be no more frustrating call transfers. Moreover, the employees won't be busy answering the caller’s question. That means your productivity will be much better. So, we can say that auto attendants will save both - your time and your business.

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Using a professional phone service with voicemail greetings can be extremely helpful in business. Phone system and voice messages can be extremely important for establishing credibility and image of your start-up. However, the quality of your phone system depends on the quality of your provider. So make sure you choose the right one.


Jerrod Mcnaulty
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