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How, how much and why need bitcoin investment sites

borhan bb
How, how much and why need bitcoin investment sites

How, how much and why need bitcoin investment sites

Bitcoin is at highs

At the moment I write this brief note , Bitcoin is at maximum

After the news that the CME Group has made the decision to create a futures contract .

Is the Bitcoin crash close?

Well yes and no! That is, Bitcoin corrects constantly and some of its past corrections could already be considered as crashes. Will there be any other “crash”? well sure and it is likely that one will occur soon

Should I invest in Bitcoin?

Well yes and no again! Bitcoin is already on everyone’s or almost everyone’s lips. Almost every day I hear about the subject while I take my menu of the day ... and according to an old theory this already indicates that it is time to leave for those who have been lucky enough to participate in the exponential rise. To answer the question more concretely, I am going to answer, in case anyone serves, using the arguments that made me decide to invest a little while ago, just when we started writing about the most famous cryptocurrency. But before continuing I want to emphasize that I consider the investment in Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies an investment for the bravest, and totally optional and that we should do in a very limited way .

Why invest in Bitcoin?

Some reasons all of them debatable would be:

1- The Blockchain is a technological novelty similar to what the internet supposed … but with a difference that takes advantage of the internet which implies that its growth will be much faster.

2- Bitcoin is to the blockchain what Google to the internet or something similar . Sorry to the specialists, I know this is very simplistic, but it works for me. Following my simplification, what is certain is that Bitcoin is the first implementation of Blockchain, When it went public, Google was trading at $ 100 and many did not dare to invest, because it seemed an exorbitant price, and we let the $ 200 pass, The $ 300. I did not sign up to $ 400 or $ 500, I do not remember exactly, but in any case it was when I realized that Google would continue to grow exponentially while the technology on which it relies .

3-Bitcoin began to be talked about as a new category of assets equivalent to equities, fixed income, real estate… as a kind of “commodity” or digital gold. This is debatable and will depend on many things, but in any case it does seem that it has the virtue that is not related to any existing asset class, at least for now.

How much to invest in Bitcoin?

Therefore, I decided to invest in Bitcoin. But in a very limited way and this is the main message I would like to convey. Why the risk that 1 and 2 is not met is high. Therefore, I decided before what was the risk I was willing to assume and quantified it at a maximum of 1%. After 600% revaluation will I sell? Well, not until I exceed that 1%. Within the framework of an investment portfolio, however aggressive it may be, investment in bitcoin should not exceed 2% .

How to invest in Bitcoin?

Investing in Bitcoin directly can have its complexities. If you don’t want to take unnecessary risks we would recommend that you do it in a very controlled way. If you want to see how to invest in Bitcoin within the framework of an investment portfolio click here .

Meanwhile two simple tips before deciding how to invest in Bitcoin:

-invest in Bitcoin only what you are willing to lose

-and determine how much this is about your liquid assets.

borhan bb
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