CGHS Recognized Cancer Hospital in Mumbai

MPCT Hospital

Today, cancer is the second leading cause of death globally. Fortunately, in this era of science and technology, we are inching closer towards the cure. Moreover, with the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) for former and existing Central Government of India employees’, pensioners, and their dependents, fighting against cancer is a little easier.

Besides, It is the need of the hour to get treatment in a CGHS recognized cancer hospital that provides such a therapy involving a holistic and long-term approach. Fortunately, MPCT Hospital being the only CGHS recognized cancer hospital in Mumbai pays close attention to the overall health of the patient.

Moreover, one must pay attention to a treatment which includes the removal or reduction of the tumor; symptoms/after-effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy relief and supportive care while choosing a CGHS approved hospital in Mumbai. Thankfully, MPCT Hospital is the only CGHS pensioner cancer treatment center in Mumbai and CGHS recognized radiotherapy center for patients. Therefore, MPCT is the best among other cancer hospitals in Mumbai.




Why choose a CGHS recognized hospital?

With a CGHS card, anyone can avail free treatment in recognized hospitals and get discounts in specific treatment procedures listed under CGHS rate list in private hospitals. Every CGHS recognized cancer hospital or diagnostic center ensures the cashless facility for Pensioners and other identified beneficiaries with reimbursement of expenses for treatment availed in government or private hospitals under emergency.


Why Choose Us

When one confronts cancer, you want to ensure you get excellent medical care and treatment. Choosing a doctor and cancer therapy center will be one of the most important decisions you’ll make. While choosing our CGHS recognized cancer hospital in Mumbai, you get introduced to the best of the cancer treatment options. With comprehensive evaluation and reduced wait times for appointments and results, MPCT Hospital experts will perform a full evaluation, to confirm your diagnosis and help you understand the treatment options available to you.

Apart from providing therapies available for cancer of all types and stages, MPCT doctors ensure a considerable chance of recovery even for patients in advanced stages. We also ensure adequate follow-up for reducing the risk of recurrence after standard cancer therapies.


Curing Cancer with Care in MPCT Hospital

Under the Central Government Health Scheme, getting a treatment in a government hospital or MPCT hospital is the same, in terms of cost of treatment. With MPCT hospital being the only CGHS approved hospital in Mumbai; we offer the patients the best cancer treatment under CGHS.

Lastly, we aim at improving both the quality and longevity of life of our patients. Moreover, we offer full support to our patients and their families during their cancer journey. With our comprehensive approach of helping our patients both in the physical, mental and financial way, we make Curing Cancer with Care possible.

MPCT Hospital
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