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What is meant by Data Cleansing and Data Verification?

Mark Ciminillo
What is meant by Data Cleansing and Data Verification?

In this digital age, irrespective of the size of the company, everything runs on data. No matter which sector you deal in, what you offer, or which geographical area you target, business contact database or data is important. If you are a business that wants to thrive faster and smarter, accumulating quality data is a must. And undoubtedly, your data is one of the best assets.

As one of the most critical assets, your data should be as accurate and updated as possible. On average, 20 to 22 percent of your data gradually decays in a year. And rather than piling on more data every year, which can decrease the quality of your database (Plus, it is of no use), B2B data cleansing services, and data verification services help. They keep your data sorted, accurate, and updated.

What is Data Cleansing?

Data cleansing is a simple process of removing unwanted or decayed data from your database. Every year some parts of your data turn into decayed data due to a change in job, location, or position. Along with that, there are always some incorrect, duplicate, or corrupt data which adds to the unwanted data. Adding to the poor quality of your data is the missing information. A name without a number is as useless as a number without a name. In order to increase the quality of your database and keep your database free from all these, you need data cleansing.

What is Data Verification?

Data verification is another tool to solidify your company contact lists or database and increase the quality. Data verification is as important as cleaning the unwanted data. Data verification is the process of verifying your existing data and validating it. One of the biggest culprits of losing your data quality and failing in marketing campaigns is invalid data. There are times when you roll out an email campaign, and most of the emails get bounced back, or your sales team dial-up number and realize that the number is incorrect or changed. Or there are times when the person you are expecting in a specific position is changed. To avoid such scenarios, you need high-quality data that is verified thoroughly. Through data verification, you can not only increase the quality of your database, but it can also guarantee you the desired results.

Importance of data cleansing and data verification:

  • Data cleansing and data verification leads to sorted, validated, and high-quality data.
  • It removes inaccuracies, typos, missing information, or outdated information from your database.
  • Eventually, a high-quality database leads to more successful marketing campaigns.
  • You not only get desired results from a clean and verified database, but it also saves your time from being wasted on unnecessary hassles.
  • A high-quality, verified, and clean database yields better business results.

With an ever changing database, keeping your data intact and accurate is very important. Services like Data verification Services, Data cleansing services, List building services and Contact Discovery Services helps you run your business more smoothly.

Mark Ciminillo
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