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JavaFX Forex Daily News is a collection of news articles by team Java Global Futures of all the categories available on the website. A collection of articles news presented in the JavaFX included Forex Strategy    the, the news of gold, news oil, news of the central bank, and economic news. We also present analysis forex technical along with fundamental analysis, including articles about education of forex and guidelines.


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JAVAFX News & Analysis is a news portal about the world of forex and commodities that are packaged to meet the needs of traders and investors.

  1. Java Global Futures is broker listed, official, and operate under the supervision of Coftra and is a member of JFX, IDCH, and ASPEBTINDO.

Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency: 926/BAPPEBTI/SI/8/2006 | 25 August 2006

the Jakarta Futures Exchange: No. 141/BBJ/08/05 | 29 August 2005

Indonesian derivatives Clearing house: No. 68/AK-KBI/IX/2010 | 06 September 2010.

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vyas bharat
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