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How to Fix: Hulu Error Codes 3, 5, 400 and 500

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How to Fix: Hulu Error Codes 3, 5, 400 and 500

Fixing Hulu errors can be hard if you are a newbie in managing technical equipment. In this article, you will fix all Hulu error codes with our step by step guide.

Hulu is a television network that offers on-demand video streaming services based on subscription plans in the USA. However, with a premium VPN service, one can enjoy Hulu content even outside of the US, but many VPN services are not capable of bypassing the Hulu network and firewall. The Walt Disney Company wholly owns the service, and the entire control and management are also under the Disney Walt company. It was started on October 29, 2007, and it currently holds over 28 million users in the USA.

Despite being a reputable streaming service sometime, users can experience some inconvenience such as error codes, error messages, and other technical issues. If you are encountering some errors and issues on your Hulu, then we can understand your inconvenience. Some Hulu errors are caused by weak net connection, and some are caused by hardware or software issues. However, it is not always your connection and device, there can be issues in the Hulu server itself.

You should not be panic in such conditions; we are here to help; read this article, and you will surely troubleshoot the problem by yourself. Let’s solve the Hulu common and error codes.

Common Ways to Fix Hulu Error Codes

The most error codes and messages on Hulu are caused by either internet connection or Hulu app glitches. Here are the several basic methods to troubleshoot Hulu errors:

  • Rebooting Streaming devices such as your Apple TV, Fire TV Stick, or the TV itself if it’s the smart one.
  • Power off the Wi-Fi Modem or Router entirely and then turn it on again after one or two minutes.
  • Rebooting Home Network devices.
  • Change the Wireless connection to a Wired Ethernet cable.
  • Updating the Hulu app to the latest version.
  • Uninstalling Hulu and reinstalling it again.
  • Updating the Streaming media player.

Now, if the error persists even after these troubleshooting methods, then follow the guide mentioned in this article.

How to Troubleshoot Error Code 3 or 5 on Hulu

The Hulu error code 3 appears when there is something wrong with the internet connection. When the error 3 displays on Hulu you might see below messages on your TV screen:

  • Error Playing this video
  • We are Sorry, an error is encountered while playing this video. Please try rebooting the video or choose something else to play.
  • Error Code 3(-996)
  • We are facing a problem loading this for now.

Hulu Error 5 is also identical to the Error3 and here are some signs of error 5 you might see on your screen:

  • We are facing issues in loading this content for now.
  • Kindly ensure your internet network and retry. Error Code: -5: malformed data.
  • If this issue stays the same, then reboot your device.

Here are the steps to fix Error 3 and 5 on Hulu:

  1. Turn off the Hulu streaming player device then wait for a while. Turn on the media streaming device back.
  2. If the issue is still there, then plug out your Wi-Fi router’s power cable and then leave it unplugged for two minutes, at least.
  3. After that, you can plug in your router’s power cable back.
  4. If the error is still there, then you should uninstall the app and install it back on your media player. If there is an update available for the media streaming player, then update it to the newest version.
  5. Now, if you are still unable to play videos on Hulu, then make sure to connect the Ethernet cable directly to the device.

The Hulu error code 3 and 5 must be resolved after performing the above steps, and you will be able to enjoy seamless Hulu entertainment experience.

Hulu Error Code 400: How to Fix it?

This error can be easily fixed by yourself, and it happens because of issues with Hulu account information, stopping the Hulu app from working smoothly.

You might see the below messages as well while facing Error code 400:

  • We are facing trouble in loading this content right now. Please ensure the internet connection and retry.
  • Error code: 400

According to Hulu Support, the error can be fixed by checking the web connection and switching to a wired network instead of using Wi-Fi. However, if that doesn’t solve your issue, then please refer to these steps:

  1. Remove the Hulu app from your device.
  2. Install the app on your device again.
  3. Log In to your Hulu account.
  4. Now try to play something like movies and TV shows.

If that worked for you, then congrats! Otherwise, see the details mentioned here to remove your streaming device from the Hulu account because that can solve the error code 400 issue:

  1. On your computer or smartphone, please visit hulu.com on a web browser.
  2. Go to the menu from the top right corner.
  3. Click on the login button.
  4. Provide your ID and password.
  5. Hit the login button.
  6. Scroll downwards and look for the “Watch Hulu on Your Devices” section.
  7. Once the section appears, just click on the Manage Devices options.
  8. Now find the device that is facing Error Code 400 and then tap the Remove button.

Once the device is removed from the Hulu user account, you should also remove the Hulu app from the device that is facing issues. Once that is done, you can install the app again on the device and log in to your Hulu account. The Hulu 400 error code will disappear after you do that all.

Effective Ways to Fix Hulu 500 Error    

Unfortunately, this error is nothing to do with your side, as it is a Hulu server error. Once this error pops up on the screen, you might also see these following messages:

  • There was an error on this page
  • Sorry- We have experienced an unpredicted error. We have been informed about this problem, and we will focus on it shortly.

The Hulu 500 error is commonly founded in the browsers and when a user streams Hulu with their official website instead of the app. However, sometimes, it can also appear in the media streaming players as well, but you can’t do anything to resolve this error. The best effort you can place is by pressing the Reload button after and after some time. When you see Hulu 500 issue, no need to do anything else and just reload is enough, as reinstalling the app won’t do anything to the Hulu server.

Source url:- https://mcafee.today/how-to-fix-hulu-error-codes-3-5-400-and-500/

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marie robert
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