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What to expect from Laundry Service Toronto

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What to expect from Laundry Service Toronto

The Christian scriptures quotes “cleanliness in next to Godliness”. In our daily lives we tend to keep ourselves and the environment around us as clean. Hygiene is an essential necessity that we are advised to observe for a good healthy society.

Hygiene can only be maintained through observation of various things, cleaning is classified into two areas;

  • Personal cleaning

This involves self -hygiene, maintaining yourself hygienically. This may include;

  1. Showering
  2. Regular brushing of your teeth
  3. Drinking purified water
  • General cleaning

This is the outside cleaning, it involves maintaining the environment around us, these includes;

  1. Draining stagnant waters.
  2. Clearing bushy areas around your place
  3. Washing and maintaining your clothes

Focusing on the general laundry cleaning and Wedding Dress Cleaning in Toronto there are certain things that at times we fail to observe or simply maintain them hygiene wise because of unavoidable reasons like work, lack of the required tools of cleaning, lack of knowledge on how to maintain them. Dry cleaning is one of the most cleaning activities that tend to be hard for most of us.

These is however not a problem anymore since the coming of Laundry Service companies. These companies have made work easier for most of us since they use certified cleaning machines to ensure all our surrounding is clean. Focusing on dry cleaning companies and the services they provide.

What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a cleaning process that involves use of chemical solvent with water to clean clothing, textiles and general house equipment. From the word “dry cleaning” the process is contrary to its word since the process is not dry as the word states.

Tetrachloroethylene commonly referred to as “perc” is the mostly used solvent by most companies during the cleaning process. Trichloroethane and also petroleum spirits are some of the other solvents that are always used in the cleaning process.Cleaning process employed depends on the type of fibers in place, most natural fibers are cleaned using water but in some other occasions some synthetics tend to react poorly with water hence are cleaned using the dry-cleaning agents.

During dry cleaning there are enclosed machines that are used in the process. There are two machines that are employedduring the dry cleaning process, one machine is used for cleaning purposes while the other machine is used to strictly ensure no solvent fumes are expelled to the atmosphere and instead the solvent is recovered during the drying process, condensed and distilled so that it can be recycled and used in cleaning further loads.

Process of dry cleaning

The dry cleaning or Rug Cleaning Toronto process is done using a dry cleaning machine. A dry cleaning machine is simply a two-way machine, i.e. a domestic washing machine and also a clothes dryer.

During the cleaning process the garments or the material in place are placed in the extraction chamber, commonly referred to as “basket”. Here the chamber is made up of shell that holds solvent used as dry cleaning agents. The garments are rotated in the chamber while agitating in the solvent in place. The whole process in this extraction chamber is referred to as the wash cycle.

The given solvent after a series of rotation is removed and sent to a distillation chamber which entails a boiler and a condenser. The condensed solvent is then moved to the separator unit which is used to separate any water from the solvent then fed into the tank. The garments are also examined to ensure no foreign objects are carried along with the garments. Stains on the garments are removed by steam jets or in some occasion they are soaked in special stain-removing agents.

The Laundry Service process or Dry Cleaners takes a maximum of 10-12 minutes before the wash cycle is done, after the wash cycle the garments are rinsed and thereafter go through the drying cycle to complete the whole dry-cleaning, process.

Mr. Baffo Inc.
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