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Rooftop solar panels for home

Priyanka Chopra
Rooftop solar panels for home

Solar Power Panels have come a long way and there’s no better time than NOW to consider the abundant source of energy for your home, industry or business. Buying a rooftop solar power system may sound exciting, but it may not be that easy. With so many companies jumping into the solar bandwagon, you might get lured by some cheap deals. How do you know who’s telling you the truth and who’s just trying to sell you something? But don’t get too carried away by advertising.

It is essential to focus on a few basic guidelines while doing the purchase of solar rooftop systems. Below are the some useful solar tips, Do’s and Don’ts you need to consider prior to buying a solar rooftop system.

Rooftop Solar Panel purchase

Be it rooftop panels for home or commercial rooftop solar – majority of the work surrounding solar power system occurs prior to purchase.

  • Take your time to understand the available options, the pros and cons of having a solar power system and estimated budget for the same.
  • Deciding the panel: Prior to contacting a professional, have basic idea of what kind of solar panels would work for you, the size, the design and output. Inefficient panels can affect power output and deciding on the type of panel can help you to ascertain the rooftop solar panels cost.
  • Knowing the right position: Prior to purchasing the solar PV systems, it is a good idea to have knowledge about the positioning of the solar panels. They should face the correct direction, with no shade obstructing the passage of light.
  • Recommendations: Ask for recommendations from friends, colleagues, business partners who have got rooftop solar panels installed at home or office. They can recommend a good company or share their experience.
  • Get few quotes: Don’t just settle for the first quote you get. Look at all of your options. It’s always wise to call a few companies and ask for their quotes as you can get clarity on the price variation of the providers. Check for initial price per watt so as to compare about the pricing.
  • Quality vs Price: Don’t settle for cheap offers. Look for high quality materials. When going solar, quality solar equipment and installations may not come for lesser price. Go for realistic price expectation as equipment significantly below the average market price may turn out to be low on efficiency.
  • Manufacturer/Provider Verification: Check for the history, track record, customer reviews and feedback about the solar panel manufacturer or provide. Ask your provider or manufacturer or installer good questions about the panels and failure rate and ensure what product is coming from them.
  • Warranties: Since warranties protect the solar equipment investment, ensure that your solar rooftop panel and installation must be protected under minimum warranties. Get warranties on solar equipment, your inverter and parts from the manufacturer and make note of the warranty periods.
  • Read thoroughly: Be wary of the tactics played by the companies during advertising. Some companies show low prices in the ads and add hidden fees later. Don’t let them sway you with hidden charges. Read everything carefully.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Do get the reliability testing certification. High quality solar panels are tested thoroughly and their results should not be hidden.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask questions from the manufacturer, installer about everything until you are convinced.
  • Do check about grants, rebates, schemes and incentives you may be entitled to from the government – you can make some great savings and financial returns. Do request expert advice from local solar professionals.
  • Don’t let the sales person drive you into signing a contract right away or without having anyone inspect your house or factory. Inspection is a must.
  • Before making a purchase, do get everything in writing – be it the deal or the offer price. Ask professionals or experts about the incentives or rebates and tax breaks.

Now, since you know the useful tips, the Do’s & Don’ts for buying Rooftop Solar Power Systems, make the best use of the information to ensure you get the best from your solar power panels.

Budding Leaf Infratech is a leading solar energy solutions provider offering extensive renewable energy solutions and consultancy services for setting up rooftop panels for home, commercial rooftop solar panels and rooftop solar panels for industries. For more information about the solar energy solutions get in touch with our experts.

Priyanka Chopra
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