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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile App Development

Tim Josh
5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps plays an essential role in today’s business environment. Because, it helps you to optimize your sales, marketing efforts, revenue, and internal business process. Having a mobile app for your business which helps you reach the new set of audience and also moves business to a greater extent. One of the surveys says that nearly 3 million mobile apps are available in the google play store and apple store. Google Play has more than 2.1 million apps (approx) and the app store has more than 1.8 million apps(approx). Building customer-driven mobile apps for your business is not an easy task. Many entrepreneurs do common mistakes that indirectly affect business outcomes. So, do you want your mobile app to stand-out in the crowd? Check out the below-mentioned common mobile app development mistakes to avoid.

5 Common mistakes made in mobile application development:

⦁ Developing mobile apps similar to desktop apps.
⦁ Without any kind of market research.
⦁ Developing mobile apps on multiple platforms.
⦁ Having many features and functionalities.
⦁ Without releasing the app updates at the correct time.

1. Developing mobile apps similar to desktop apps
Most of the mobile app developers have experience in making desktop apps as well, but it doesn’t mean that they can mix the feature requirements, as UX requirements of both ones are different. Building a mobile app doesn’t show a smaller version of a desktop app. Mobile app developers have to understand the functionalities carefully from the smartphone users perspective. Not considering the mobile app objectives as separate to its desktop, it becomes one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

2. Without any kind of market research
Business peoples don’t have enough knowledge before deciding to build a mobile app. Because each business has a different set of goals and objectives. From this, you have to consider a large number of factors before starting. Simply don’t make any decisions by neighbor’s advice (or) also based on the google search. Think-out from the consumer perspective, main-goal of your app, nature of the business, target audience and current market scenario. By doing research you can save time as well as tons of money.

3. Developing mobile apps on multiple platforms
One of the drastic mistakes that every brand commits is building mobile apps for all the platforms. However, it takes more time and money when it comes to building mobile apps for many platforms. You won’t get the desired results when you build it for many platforms. You should identify which one you have to go to. Each platform has advantages and disadvantages. Currently, Android has many apps when compared to ios. And also you have to consider a target audience while choosing the platform. You should know other factors to find out which one suits your app.

4. Having many features and functionalities
It’s a good choice to have a mobile app for your business with some unique functionalities and features. But, many business owners think that app with all the features is a smart move but when comes to the reality it won’t. Remember that every new feature is going to add up the cost and the time of the mobile app development. The budget for building a mobile app with multiple functions is going to cost more than a normal app. So, you should start with an app that serves the primary purpose of your business. You can slowly introduce new features, update and optimize it based on the users flow in the app.

5. Without releasing the app updates at the correct time
Mobile app development doesn’t just end with the post-launch. Instead, you have to be ready to find the user requirements and improve the app features accordingly. Providing updates that improve your app offering, you need to check the reviews anytime and also what is lagging the app to fix issues and make improvements consistently.

Final Thoughts:
Mobile apps are going to be one of the important investments of your company, so you shouldn’t handover to an inexperienced team. Because you are getting what you pay for. So, better go with the best mobile app development company with the experienced team and capabilities needs to create a top-quality product. Mobile app development is an ongoing process. There will be many revisions until you get the final product for launch. When you have an experienced team, you can make your app successful.

Tim Josh
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