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How to teach piano

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How to teach piano

How to teach piano

If you love music and want to expand your knowledge, you might consider becoming a piano teacher. Here is a guide for you to start being.

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You must understand and be able to play the piano yourself. You need experience to be able to teach another person.
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Decide how many lessons you want to teach each week and how much you will charge for each one. Most lessons are 30 minutes long, especially for beginners. Find out how much other teachers charge in your area. As a rookie, your rate should be cheaper than yours.

Many start with a fee of 10dlls per lesson and raise the price a little every two or three years. When you decide how many lessons you will give a week, remember to think about your students' homework. You have to adapt to their schedules too.

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Decide where you will give your lessons. In your home, in your students or in a community center? Make sure there is a piano and a chair for you and the student. The environment should be clean to facilitate the work.
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Find students Advertise in newspapers, hand out pamphlets and tell everyone you meet. Music stores are a good place to find students.
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Plan the lessons. Once you have a student and the first lesson prepared, plan what you will teach him. Introduce yourself and ask some basic questions to the student about himself. Find out if you've ever played the piano and how much you know. Ask me to play something for you.

Do you have any objective? What type of music do you like? Why do you want to learn? You can recommend a book before the lesson. As a teacher you should be familiar with the teaching books. Some teachers buy the books and then the student pays them in the first lesson to play the pieces.

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Give your first lesson. Learn from them and change the way you teach with each student. Teach at the student level. Go at your speed, they are paying you. They want to understand the motive behind some musical techniques. Start with what you know and go adding material.
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Praise your students often. Encourage them by saying how much they have learned. It offers constructive criticism.

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Join local teacher associations. You can meet other teachers and learn from their methods.

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Invest in professional development. You can receive lessons from people above your level, read teaching techniques, go to concerts, etc. Remember that a good teacher is also a good student.

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For younger students it is ideal to have a reward system to motivate them to practice. It offers small prizes such as candies, pens, etc. when they get to do the practice you sent them.


If you don't buy piano books for your students, recommend titles for them to buy if they want. For a beginner all books are the same but of different color.
Be patient with your students.
Try not to bore the students with talks. Begin a lesson by asking how the week has gone. They will tell you their frustrations and you will know if they have practiced at home. If something bad happened to them, they may not have had time to practice. You can do a lesson to teach them to practice effectively.
Find interesting pieces for your students. There are many piano pieces at different levels. If they like what they play, they will want to practice more.
Show them all the tricks you know to be good pianists.

Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Piano teachers have at least a bachelor's degree in piano and a piano pedagogy course. A professional should know how to sequence and teach musical concepts, and develop technical skill and hand structure as they grow.

If a student has learned everything you can offer, do not force him to stay. Tell him to find a more advanced teacher. You can find another student who fills his hole.
Students may not want to practice. If they go to class without practicing or reviewing their grades, you must tell them that they will not improve by continuing like this. If the students are young, ask their parents for help. Keep in mind that not all students are honest.

Do not force them to practice boring pieces more than necessary. Many beginners retire because they are forced to play simple pieces more than fifty times a day.
Although it is not illegal to advertise as a piano teacher, it requires experience and many years of training. Just because a person masters a few techniques does not mean that he can teach others. Make sure you are prepared before taking the jump.

ronaldo dx
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