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Why Dubai is attracting more and more entrepreneurs?

Abdul Salam
Why Dubai is attracting more and more entrepreneurs?

No doubt that one of the top places for any entrepreneur for business setup in Silicon Valley. But in 2020, Dubai is becoming a business hub due to the different advantages that it offers. As the oil resources of the UAE are slowly depleting, even the government is trying to attract more businessmen to set up their company in Dubai.


In this article, we have explained some of the most popular reasons that lure investors to invest in Dubai.

  1. High Standard of Living

If you want to enjoy a high quality of life and living conditions then Dubai and the rest of the UAE is the best place for it. You have access to free Wi-Fi in public spaces in Dubai which indicates the technological advancements of the place. 


  1. Strategic Geographical Locations

Dubai has the advantage of being located in the middle of the UAE. It has access to both the sea and the airports. It is located between Europe, Asia, and Africa and hence is strategically the best place to do any kind of business. Dubai International Airport (DXB) is one of the biggest airports in the entire world. Import and export from East to West and vice versa happen on a large scale in Dubai due to its location.


  1. Relief from Taxation

Paying tax puts a big hole in any businessman’s pocket and in every corner of the world you have to face a long list of taxation. But, Dubai is offering relaxation from many heavy taxes such as:


  • Personal income tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • Withholding tax
  • Corporate tax

Although there are some exceptions here like if you are a branch of an international bank, hotel or oil or Gas Company. 


  1. Residency Visa

Dubai has the option of acquiring a residency visa and with it, you can enjoy many benefits such as:

  • You are allowed to open a current account in banks
  • You can lease an apartment in Dubai
  • You can get visas for other countries as well.
  • You are free to move in or exit from UAE multiple times.


And if you have a business setup in Dubai then you can not only get a residency visa for yourself but also for your family and your expatriate employees.


  1. Security and Infrastructure

As an emerging global city, Dubai is one of the safest places to live in. Dubai also has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. The political stability of the city is one of the important factors that provide security.

Also, Dubai’s awesome infrastructure makes it easy for anyone to find an office, a retail shop, a manufacturing unit or even a warehouse. Residential, tourism, industrial and commercial facilities have been developing at a rapid rate in Dubai on a massive scale in the past few years.

  1. Advantages of Free Zones

A free zone is a region that is specifically designated as a tax-free zone. Dubai free zones are hence one of the favorite places for investors for business setup.

If you want to start your business in Dubai then EBMS is here to guide you. Reach us to know more.


Abdul Salam
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