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How to Lift the Body Weight of Chicken in Poultry Farm?

Vishnu priya
How to Lift the Body Weight of Chicken in Poultry Farm?


Consumers want to buy large-weight poultry farm chicken and some are prepared to go with the price you're willing to sell them when they're satisfied with the weight of the chicken. Therefore poultry farmers are always looking for ways to raise their chicken's body weight.

As a poultry farmer, I'm sure you have a variety of chickens that you raise to sell during festive times like Christmas, Easter, Sallah etc. Anything, however, scares you. Some or all of your chickens don't grow as expected and didn't reach the expected market weight. I understand your worries right now and how you feel. For more than 2 months, it's not easy to raise chickens (as the case may be), but it all seems like nothing has been done. It is killing one's morale and putting fear in one's heart.

Sort the Chickens According to Their Body Size and Weight

The first things you need to do is group your chickens together and keep them in the same that pen, having similar body size or weight. That will remove the dimension of variance. The larger or weightier chickens should, in addition, be able to feed well without being challenged or harmed. You may increase the amount of finisher feeds that the party receives, with lower weights. When you do that you can certainly see a difference.

Formulate and Give Them an Excellent Chicken Feed

Another way of making your chickens grow bigger or weigh more is by raising and feeding them with an excellent feed. I decided to share my special diet recipe for chicken that includes both starters and finishers. For details please click poultry reading application.

 Use Chicken Growth Promoter or Enhancer

I don't normally help farmers treat their animals with growth boosters. One way or the other we could be dangerous to your pets. If you do need to use it, though, consider researching them and consulting your veterinarian. Consider using as much as possible an organic chicken growth promoter or booster, if you need to use a chicken growth enhancer.

Avoid Starving the Chickens

I've been to friends and family farms, and even client's farms. Some of them starve their chickens to raise them again, in the name of no money. Second, why should you devote yourself to what you won't end up with? So don't expect any miracle unless you give your chickens the amount of food they need to feed on. When you feed your chickens well, they grow bigger, attracting more market prices. Nonetheless, there are instances where chickens don't grow well, regardless of the quality and quantity of the feed they receive. The main reason for this lies in the genetic basis of the chicken. So if you want to raise chickens for commercial purposes, be sure to buy a good chicken breed from a reputable farm or hatchery!

Procure Quality Chicks from Reputable Sources

Regardless of what you do or give chickens from a poorly performing parent stock or hatchery, they may never do well to add weight or grow larger. Gens have a great deal to do with the production and productivity of animals. This is why you need to buy your chicks from a reputable hatchery with excellent records. You may inquire about the hatchery or vendors from whom they get chicks from other poultry farms around you.

If you're serious about raising the weight of your chicken, then using the tips mentioned would do a lot in terms of improving broiler weight and increasing the benefit per chicken. For more on this visit our POULTRY CARE website.

Vishnu priya
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