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Amazon has developed power and interactive virtual assistance known as Alexa. With Free Alexa App Download, a user can control the smart home devices, set alarms, stream music and do a lot more other things using the voice commands. Besides this, Alexa also provides the weather forecast, real-time news, and other things. In this guide, we are going to share the simple instructions that will let you download the Alexa app for Windows and MAC devices. 

Download the Alexa App for Windows 

To download and install the Amazon Alexa App for Windows, follow the mentioned guidelines:

  • Download the latest version of the Amazon Alexa app for Windows from the Microsoft store. 
  • Once the application is downloaded on the device, go to the download folder and find the Alexa app file. 
  • Open the downloaded file and hit the Run button to begin the installation. 
  • Once the app is installed, restart your computer. 
  • Open the Windows 10 start menu to run Amazon Alexa app. 
  • Click ‘Setup Amazon Alexa’. 
  • Read the terms and conditions and hit the ‘Continue’ button to proceed further. 
  • On ‘Configure Screen’ you will get the two options: 

‘Launch the application on Sign in to this Computer’. 

‘Allow App Sounds’. Keep these options the same. 

  • Click on the ‘Finish Setup’ option. 
  • In the ‘Login’ screen, provide the Amazon USer ID and Password to login to the Amazon Alexa app. If you do not have an Amazon account, create one now. 
  • After a successful login, pair your application with Echo and start using the services. 

Download Alexa App for MAC 

 To download the Amazon Alexa app for MAC, follow the steps below: 

  • Download the Amazon Alexa app for MAC from the iTunes Store. 
  • After downloading the application, open it to install on your device. 
  • To set up Amazon Alexa, select the same network on MAC to which your Amazon Echo device is connected. 
  • Once the app is installed, login to your Amazon account using the username and password. 
  • Pair the Alexa with your smart devices and start using the services. 

Common Issues that you may face after the Free Alexa App Download 

  • Login issue in Amazon Alexa app. 
  • Alexa Multi-Room Music not working, 
  • Amazon Alexa calling issue. 
  • Alexa Arlo Camera not responding. 
  • Amazon Echo blinking red. 
  • Unable to link apple music to the Alexa app. 
  • The echo is flashing yellow. 
  • Alexa is unable to understand me. 
  • Unable to configure the device language. 
  • Getting Amazon Echo errors 6:1:103:10:3. 
  • Alexa Not Responding to Sonos. 
  • Amazon Echo devices blink green. 
  • Facing trouble in linking the Amazon Alexa to Spotify. 

So, these are some common issues associated with Amazon Alexa. If you face any of these troubles, we recommend you contact the experts and seek their assistance to fix the problem. 

Hopefully, with the help of the aforementioned steps, you will successfully be able to complete the Free Alexa App Download for Windows and Mac. All the mentioned steps are very simple and easy to follow. In case, you still have a doubt, you can contact the experts and seek their advice to troubleshoot the concern. 


echodotapp download
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