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What happens when you sleep?

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What happens when you sleep?

what happens when you sleep?

what happens when you sleep? A weird question, but the answer might be surprising !! Yes , when we sleep well, we wake up and feel refreshed and alert for our activities daily. Affect sleep at form and appearance and performance on a daily basis, and can have a significant impact on the quality of our public life.


to make the most of sleep, are both quantitative and qualitative task. Needs of adolescents to no less than 8 hours - on average 9 hours a night of uninterrupted sleep to leave their bodies and their minds renewed for the next day.


 if your sleep short, you won't have the body time to complete all the phases needed for muscle repair and consolidate memory and release hormones that regulate growth and appetite. Then we wake up less prepared to concentrate or make decisions or fully participate in school activities and social.


how to help sleep in all of these things before?

follow the structure of the sleep pattern of rapid eye movement (rapid eye movement) sleep and rapid eye movement throughout a typical night in a cycle repeated every 90 minutes and the NREM sleep States or stages of sleep.


come on, let's have a detailed and more .....


what is the role of each stage of sleep?

in short NREM is a scientific term based on the phases of sleep which make up 75% of human life in the night they are sleeping , where are the 4 stages divided as follows:


 when we begin to sleep, entering sleep NREM, which consists of Stages 1 – 4 , thus let's get started :


phase N1 :


they are between waking and sleeping any acronym light sleep.


Phase II N2 :


so at this stage, be in the beginning of sleep and in this case, you have become an outcast from the ocean or the noise that is around you at this stage have your breathing and heart beat very regular , and start the body temperature decrease thus sleep in a cold room is very useful anyway.


Phase II N3  fourth N4:


Yes reached the last stages of sleep any sleep deeper and there will be low blood pressure and thus breathing becomes slower  and begin the process of muscle relaxation and increased blood flow to muscle and tissue growth increases, and repairs are very positive for building too many cells and the body begins to use high power.


is the release of hormones, such as: growth hormone, essential for growth and development, including muscle growth.


rapid eye movement that I don't feel it first occur after about 90 minutes of sleep and repeated every 90 minutes, and takes a longer time in the night.




  • other things to occur while you sleep :
  • the
  • provides the body energy to the brain and body.
  • the
  • energy needed to support your body all day long.
  • the
  • activate the brain has been talked of dreams.
  • the
  • eyes dart back and forth.
  • the
  • in some bodybuilding the body becomes inactive and comfortable, where is stopped the muscles.
  • the
  • reduced levels of the hormone cortisol in the sleep time increases during the night to promote alertness in the morning.



  • conclusion:

sleep is a natural state of relaxation when sentient beings, and through his voluntary movement and sense of what is happening in the ocean, and can be considered a sleep loss situation.


you need all living creatures to sleep, which is the job of the chairperson to at the beginning of life; where according to my system (balance of sleep and wakefulness).


I didn't expect the flag to the main reason that pushes us for growth, but it remains very important, it is not a "comfort negative" spent by the body in languor, but a process of "renewal of the body cells many of the benefits that we have mentioned in this article"



on what helps us sleep?

good question has been answered in our article in short overall sleep helps us thrive by contributing to immune system health, and can also balance our appetite by helping to regulate the levels of hormones ghrelin and Libby, which play a role in feelings of hunger and fullness have we. So when we sleep, may we feel the need to eat more, which may lead to weight gain.


if a third of our lives we spend sleeping, far from being "non-producers", plays a direct role in the extent to which two-thirds of our life, activity, vitality and success.


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