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Keyword Research- First Step to On-Page SEO

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Keyword Research- First Step to On-Page SEO

Tools to use for Keyword Research-

Types of Keywords-

  1. Primary Keyword
  2. Sub- Primary Keyword
  3. Secondary Keyword
  4. Sub- Secondary Keyword


Primary Keyword– Keyword which defines the nature of Business, Location of Brand, the name of the brand, and in which Tagline always remain primary.

Sub-Primary- Keyword that enhances the quality of Primary Keywords are known as Sub-primary Keywords. For making a primary Keyword into Sub-primary, add an adjective to it. For example- Best Digital marketing service.

Secondary Keyword– Keyword that defines the products/services, which you are offering. For example- SEO, PPC in case of Digital Marketing services.

Sub- Secondary– Keyword that enhances the quality of Secondary Keywords are known as Sub-secondary Keywords. For making a secondary Keyword into Sub-secondary, add an adjective to it. For example- Best SEO service.

NOTE- We use sub-primary and sub-secondary keywords because people tend to search with superlatives attached to a keyword.


Keywords can be also be classified as-

  • Money Keywords
  • Seasonal Keywords
  • Long-Tail Keywords
  • Short- Tail Keywords

Money Keywords– Keywords containing any financial or monetary term is called as Money Keywords. For Example- ATM, Buy shoes online, sell online, MRP, Prize, etc…

Seasonal Keywords– Keywords which are used seasonally(During a particular period of time) are called as Seasonal Keywords. For Example- New Year sale, Diwali Dhamaka sale, Durga Pooja sale, etc…

Long-Tail Keywords- Keywords containing more than three words. For Example– Budget flights to travel to Goa.

Short-Tail Keywords- Keywords containing three or less than three words. For Example– Flights to Goa.


Quality of a Good Keyword/ How to sort between Keywords-

  • Low competition, and high search volume. To ensure it, you can check it on Google Trends.
  • Spelling must be correct.
  • It should be easily readable.
  • Segregate between singular and plural Keywords because it differs in search volume.
  • Keywords differ in Geographical location, so always be clear towards your targeted location/segment.
  • Use stop words, such as- in, it, the, there, before, to, if when, and, etc…

Keyword Mapping-

What– It is a way of organising the keywords in accordance with website pages.

To create a good Keyword Map, one needs a combination of original website ideas and Keyword research.

Why– To ensure that no important Keyword is left to be used.

Best way to create a Keyword Map is to create a Microsoft Excel File, so that no important Keyword will be lest to be used.
Image result for keyword mapping
Example of How to go for Keyword Mapping.
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