How to properly install a suspended bathroom cabinet, single or double sink?

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How to properly install a suspended bathroom cabinet, single or double sink?

The hanging bathroom furniture gives a feeling of space and adds a clean character to the room. There is a whole range of models for all atmospheres. The most common wall unit is the single basin, but there are also double basins, practical and trendy.

Preparation before installing the hanging bathroom cabinet

To properly start the installation of your suspended bathroom furniture, you will need to carry out some preparation operations.

First, equip the vanity by installing the drain (ideally push/pull type).
Then install the taps (taps or mixers), taking care to check that the connections to the water supplies are feasible via the hoses connected to the tap, do not forget to identify the cold water hose and the water hose hot (The easiest way is to put a round of colored adhesive).
On the furniture side, you must put in place the fixing lugs supplied with the furniture, which are 2 or 3 depending on the width of the bathroom furniture that you are installing.
You are ready to prepare the installation of the furniture in its place.

Red lacquered suspended bathroom cabinet with two drawers

Positioning of the suspended bathroom furniture

Then assess the height at which you want to place the basin: in general, we consider that a height between 85 and 90 centimeters is well suited. To fix the hanging piece of furniture, you will first have to put the fixing lugs on the wall that will accommodate your bathroom furniture.

Validate that the nature of the wall will be able to support the weight of the latter. In the case of a plasterboard type partition, we advise you to provide reinforcement at the level of your partition or to provide feet under the cabinet. Once you have positioned the brackets, all you have to do is put your furniture in place. Then position the basin to validate the height of your set and the solidity of it.

Final fixing and connections of the bathroom furniture

Then proceed to the final fixing of the bathroom furniture. You can provide a small square in the base of the furniture to avoid a possible pivot effect of it. Then, using silicone glue, glue the basin and place it on the furniture. Let the glue set for the time indicated on the tube, once this operation has been carried out, you can tackle the connections of the hoses coming from taps or mixers at the hot and cold water arrivals, being careful to connect the hose corresponding to hot and cold water. If your faucet is made up of pipes and not hoses, use extensions and possibly an elbow pipe to make the connections. Finally, connect the siphon to the water outlet of the basin.

You just need to fill your network with water, open the water tap slowly, check that the seal is perfect. Once this operation validated, run cold and hot water to test that the evacuation of your bathroom furniture is tight.

Finally, fill the drawers and storage. And enjoy your new bathroom design!

ronaldo dx
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