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12 Effective Tips To Improve Essay Writing

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12 Effective Tips To Improve Essay Writing

You may feel completely overwhelmed when an essay or some other form of writing is assigned by your professor. For many students, the idea of writing an essay brings with it the specific task of ensuring that it is better or at least as good as the previous essay.

How are you enhancing your writing skills for essays? Thankfully there are many excellent strategies to improve essay writing that help you complete your assignments efficiently and ensure that you are writing something entertaining and worthy of a good grade.

12 Effective Strategies to improve essay writing:

If writing a decent essay is not your cup of tea, then you are struggling to get your thesis or paper done. but do not worry. You can write a successful essay with some essay writing strategies that will impress your teacher and help you get the grade.

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If you find yourself writing a research paper or an excellent essay, then following are some essay writing strategies:

1 Choose a subject:

Most of the time the teacher has assigned your subject, or sometimes you have given the opportunity to write on your chosen subject. If the topic is provided, then you should think about what kind of paper you want to make. Will it be a general summary or a detailed study of the subject matter?

If your teacher is not assigned a subject, then you will have to do a little more research. Therefore this privilege also gives you the benefit of choosing a subject that is important or applicable to you. Defining your purpose first. Meant to educate or explain your essay?

When the objective is known, you will have to do some work on topics that you find interesting.

Finally, evaluate your options. If you aim to give information, choose a topic that you have already learned. If you aim to convince, pick a topic you have passion for. Whatever the purpose of the essay, make sure that you are involved in your topic. This is one of the useful strategies to improve essay writing.

2 Create an outline:

One of the easiest ways to develop writing is to create an outline. This is necessary because, in your essay, it helps you organize your case about what you want to discuss. A simple description will help you determine the topic of your article and make a strong point statement.

Your essay outline will include an introduction to the topic, body with paragraphs supporting different topics, and a conclusion that ties all of your points together. Theoretically, you want to support your thesis by at least three strong points.

3 Research your topic:

Whether you select your topic for the essay or your professor will give it to you, research is crucial. Your research is going to be a basis for your complete essay, so you should be able to do in-depth research to support your whole thesis.

When you mention the points, make sure that there is always evidence to support them. Researching the topic is also one of the important strategies to improve essay writing.

4 Using Proper Vocabulary:

This is essential to how you use your language skills, especially at the time of writing academic papers. The whole purpose of an academic essay is to convince people that you have complete knowledge of your article.

You can misuse big words while trying to sound smart without knowing what the words mean. Finally, the use of ambiguous language will confuse the degree of its logic of clarity.

5 Use proper sentence structure:

You want your essay to have a variety of sentence lengths to help it move from one concept to the next. Don’t use a lot of short sentences; this can make your essay appear congested.

Use both short and long sentences in the entire essay. Take care that the sentences will not repeat in the essay. It will find reading the whole essay awkward, as well.

6 Know about punctuation, grammar, and style:

Whether you want your audience to understand your essay and take it seriously, then punctuation, grammar, and style are all essential components of your essay. You should have a clear understanding of the verb, pronoun use, and subject agreement and the structure of the sentences.

You also have an understanding of the basic types of punctuation, such as commas and intervals. If you want to make your essay effective, then use more active voice rather than passive voice. Always use simple language. It is those strategies to improve essay writing that makes the essay more readable.

7 Know about the essay argument and support it with evidence:

When writing your academic essay, make sure you still have in mind your main arguments. It helps in making your subject more interesting, and that will make your writing more tangible.

Ask yourself if it supports your key argument before you bring some proof into your essay. When it does not, consider removing it from the essay. You want to source the best proof possible that supports your argument.

8 Read the essays of other people:

Much as the books you read consciously help to shape your writing style, so reading essays from other people will help you grow and expand on your essay writing style. Try reading essays of your peers and academics.

Read a wide variety of essays on different topics, not just the ones you’re studying. Also, you should include different disciplines that apply various kinds of arguments or styles. So when you enhance your reading, then the more techniques you can pick up and use in your essays.

9 More use of active voice:

Stop passive voice when doing academic research or writing, and use active voice instead. A more engaging active voice shows the reader exactly about the subject.

For example, A person uses active voice in a sentence while writing, “Kiara bought groceries for one month,” while a passive voice reads, ” The groceries were bought by Kiara.” Always try to use active voice while writing an essay.

These strategies to improve essay writing help you in making an essay more readable.

10 Don’t use informal expressions:

Your essay should include content as per your academic requirements. Don’t use informal expressions and slang in it. You can write your paper in the third person. It will help your readers respond to your paper on a higher level, so they’re more likely to read it from beginning to end.

11 Write an effective conclusion:

Your essay is supposed to be strong from the beginning to the end. Many people forget their conclusion. The conclusion of an essay is important because in it you put all your points together in brief. Through it, you prove your thesis to your audience. In conclusion, you will not explain the introduction and thesis again.

Instead, your argument should map out your points quickly and demonstrate how they help your thesis. Don’t let a bad conclusion destroy your essay. Writing a valid conclusion is one of the effective strategies to improve essay writing.

12 Do proofreading your essay:

Once you have written your essay for the academy, start the process of proofreading. Next, look at the forms of sentences, and seek to identify some mistakes in grammar and spelling. You can use software like Grammarly, or if you need guidance, visit a nearby writing center.

Read your essay aloud so that you can hear how it sounds. Is it all flowing? Was every single sentence engaging? Are sentences active or passive? Make a trusted academic advisor and buddy read it, and also send you tips. It will help in improving your essay writing.


Writing an essay is not an easy task, but we’ve mentioned 12 effective strategies to improve essay writing. You can follow them all, and that will help you get your points to mention efficiently and produce descriptive, competent, and straightforward papers. Practice it daily and see the result.

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